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Country flowers – 30 decoration ideas – types and species for the most amazing garden

by Eva

Country flowers – 30 decoration ideas – types and species for the most amazing garden

Who is not enchanted by wildflowers? When we think of them, those little flowers come to mind, with a graceful and delicate look.
Despite being very traditional, they remain one of the main choices for producing bouquets, arrangements for gift giving, as well as for decorating environments.

The good news is that it is possible to have them planted at home easily, without needing a lot of work. In other words, there are only advantages to bet on the flowers of the field for any use whatsoever.
What do you think of knowing more about these beautiful things? We created a post about the most popular and sought after species, as well as interesting ideas for using them in decoration.

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Main types and species of field flowers

Field flowers, as we said earlier, are easy to plant and grow. Because of this, their proliferation occurs very naturally, also causing the appearance of numerous species. It is more charming than the other.

Some are already extremely well known, even by name, others, you may be used to the appearance, but you have no idea what they call it.

Species of field flowers

The species of field flowers most found in nature and grown in gardens are:

Violets: very delicate and feminine, violets are among the most famous field flowers. They are more suitable for planting on the outside.
Daisies: it is no wonder that daisies are nicknamed “invaders”. After all, they can invade any space, adapting very well, regardless of the type of location. Although they are very resistant, they look super graceful.

Azaleas: azaleas grow on shrubs that can reach up to 2 meters in height. They come in stunning shades, such as magenta, red, orange, pink, yellow, lilac and white.
Hydrangeas: full of femininity, they have rounded petals, which in turn form a ’round’ canopy. Its color varies according to the soil where it is planted.

Sunflowers: ornamental and used for the extraction of its oil, it rotates the stem towards the sun, in addition, its appearance resembles the star Rei. That is why the name has this reference.
Carnations: having a natural purple pink color, carnations can be grown both in the shade and in full sun. There are species that bloom only in summer or all year round.
Cornflowers: with eccentric look, this field flower is also known as brush or single button. Its color permeates between blue and violet.

Lilies: also called açucena, lilies need good light, but not extreme heat. It is a flower full of meanings, the best known of which is peace, purity and faith.
Gerberas: from the same family as sunflowers and daisies, gerberas appear in more or less 30 species and 20 different shades, such as yellow, orange, white, pink and purple.
Tulips: they are not Brazilian flowers and they do not adapt well to the country’s climate. However, there are ways to induce its flowering by acclimatizing the growing environment. The ideal is a cool, bright place. They are country flowers adored for their beauty.

Aster: it is an annual plant with ornamental flowering with colors that impress anyone. Its tones have delicate features, varying between: violet, white, red, blue and pink. According to experts, they develop best in cold times of the year.
Dandelions: this is the popular name for all species that make up the Taraxacum group. Namely, besides being beautiful, delicate and fun, releasing its small flowers when the wind blows, it is considered a medicinal plant.

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These are just a few species, there are many others scattered around nature and around the world. Certainly, all of these you may have seen in a garden, a square flower bed, decorating houses, farms, or weddings and other events.

Remember that each one has specific characteristics, demanding more sun or more shade, more or less watering, more or less substrate, etc. To guarantee resistance, we recommend that you plant them in beds or in pots, ensuring the ideal size for plant growth.


























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