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Gardening: Pansies an amazing colorful flower for your pot and garden

by Eva

Gardening: Pansies an amazing colorful flower for your pot and garden

Pansies are from the flowers that we often “pass” looking for “color” for our pots or flower beds and yet the Pansies, especially the autumn ones that stay in bloom almost throughout the winter, are one of the most beautiful and easy choices and one of the few species with winter flowering.

In addition to seeds, in the nurseries you will find throughout the year ready plants in white, pink, purple, burgundy, yellow, orange and very impressive two-tone pansies, some with small and others with larger flowers, and the height of some varieties. in full growth does not exceed 15-20 cm while others, more suitable for direct planting in the soil, can reach 30.

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The pansy has a “side” growth, the plants “spread” more than they grow, so both in pots and flower beds should be planted at a distance of 15-20 cm.
Plant without special requirements, an enriched topsoil and proper drainage of water for potted plants is enough, as long as you make sure they do not lack water.
During the winter 2-3 times a week watering is enough and this of course if they are not fully exposed to rainwater, at which time you adjust accordingly the amount of extra water needed depending on the weather conditions.

While it is not a “difficult” plant, many believe the opposite due to the frequent phenomenon while buying a healthy and full of flowers plant with impressive colors in a short time from when we transplant it starts to turn yellow and eventually withers, although they water it normally.
This is mainly the case with two-tone varieties with large flowers and highly flowering plants, because of the fertilizer used to get the plant to this impressive flowering quickly and because pansies generally do not like “removals” if you plant one. plant in simple soil without the use of fertilizer does not have the appropriate “food” to which it is accustomed, resulting in gradual wilting.

A practical way to avoid this problem, on the one hand, is to buy small plants with as few flowers as possible or to transplant the larger ones “intact” without removing any existing soil around their roots. Top up with good quality topsoil and a common fertilizer 1-2 times a month.
The dried flowers should be removed in time along with their stem, so that the plant does not “lose weight” trying to feed already withered branches.

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It is a plant just as beautifully planted individually in small pots but also in compositions of many plants together in common pots-planters-hanging baskets etc. while the pansies will very easily give color to the balcony or the garden planted in the same pot with conifers, ferns, canopies and all kinds of green and flowerless plants.

You will plant the summer flowering pansies in early spring, the winter ones in September – October immediately after the great heat, while if you want to keep seeds let the flowers dry on the plant and then pick the very small seeds that you will see on the right and to the left in the rays of a “wooden star” that will be created right in the center of the dried flower.

Planted in any kind of container with good drainage of water, they will live in bright places inside the house while equally impressive are especially the large flowers in small vases, for the few days that will remain alive.

Of the species also with a very impressive appearance if dried. After cutting them, let them wither completely for a few days and then place the flowers with their leaves spread out between kitchen paper, spray with a little hairspray and close them – in a heavy book. It will take 1-2 weeks for them to dry completely and be suitable for any type of decoration.















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