Home Garden Gerbera the impressive African daisy in the beauty service for your garden

Gerbera the impressive African daisy in the beauty service for your garden

by Eva

Gerbera the impressive African daisy in the beauty service for your garden

Gerbera is one of the most popular ornamental perennials for use mainly in bouquets-compositions-ornaments, due to the very beautiful large flowers that vary in size and shade and for use in flowering is mainly grown in greenhouses, as like all tropicals. flowers are particularly sensitive to low temperatures.

The plant height is 30-50cm, its flowers are white, red, yellow, orange, pink or purple with the most striking two-color varieties while its large and slightly velvety textured leaves grow only at the base of the plant, so each flower stem has no foliage.

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It can also be wonderful to grow as an indoor plant and is certainly one of the most impressive flowers and vases it can stand for several days.
Planting in flowerpots – gardens so that it can be transported indoors in periods of ice is preferable, although it can also thrive in sunny flower beds in mild winters.

Although often used by amateur gardeners, the delicate Gerbera is considered a flower … a flower  that is difficult to grow in pots, the reality is that it is a non-demanding plant as long as you protect it from frostbite, its bright summer midday and its summer season. moisture needed by watering every 1-2 days during the warmer months and thinner the rest of the year.

Pruning requires only the removal of dry stalks of flowers, and a fertilizer in liquid or granular form from the beginning of spring and every 15-20 days will greatly help its flowering.


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Gerbera blooms from late spring and throughout the summer and is propagated by seeds that are in the center of the flower and can be harvested when dry.
Spread the seeds in a warm place until they dry and store them in a sealed pouch to plant them in a protected bed early next spring. When young plants reach a height of about 5-10cm and in late spring when the weather is warm enough you can take them outdoors.













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