Home Garden Chinese carnation ‘The Dancing Geisha’ an exotic plant for your garden

Chinese carnation ‘The Dancing Geisha’ an exotic plant for your garden

by Eva

Chinese carnation ‘The Dancing Geisha’ an exotic plant for your garden

‘Dancing Geisha’ is a new variety of carnation captivating with ethereal flowers that look like scraps of fabric ripped in dance.

The exotic appearance and the beautiful color of the ‘Dancing Geisha’ carnation flowers attract the eye and amaze. The plant forms clumps of narrow, gray-green leaves that turn from June to September into wonderful, colorful bouquets. Large, effective flowers with a captivating fragrance take on shades of white, pink, purple and red. They are made of long petals with strongly jagged ends, which give them lightness and amazing grace. Delicate, ruffled, colorful flowers, beautifully dancing in the wind, look almost fabulous. Chinese carnation ‘Dancing Geisha’ due to the long, abundant, spectacular flowering and interesting habit is especially recommended for exposed garden places. The plant grows up to about 20-30 cm tall.

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Chinese Carnation has low cultivation requirements. Prefers warm, sunny positions. The soil for its cultivation should be light, well-drained, moderately moist. The plant does not tolerate winter water stagnation, so it is necessary to plant it on light (sandy) soil, and if the garden is dominated by clays, it is better to choose a place for this plant for elevation, e.g. on the rockery or drainage under the root system.

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Chinese Carnation is great for flower beds, rockeries and rock gardens. It can be successfully grown in bowls, troughs, containers, boxes. It looks very well surrounded by stones, boulders and gravel. We get a fantastic effect by planting the plant in larger groups. Chinese carnation ‘Dancing Geisha’ is also suitable for cut flowers.







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