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35 Colorful ideas for cottage flower beds with sunflowers

by Eva

35 Colorful ideas for cottage flower beds with sunflowers

Decorative sunflowers, photos, and descriptions of which you will find in the article are the brightest and largest flowers in summer cottages. These plants are used to decorate flower beds, adjoining territories, garden beds, and even greenhouses, since they are unpretentious, and the main condition for their growth is sunlight.

The fields and gardens, completely covered with blooming sunflowers, look very picturesque, bright, and cheerful in summer – one just wants to create the same beauty near the house. But one or two ordinary sunflowers will not be able to achieve the same impressive visual effect; a decorative sunflower or helianthus will look much more appropriate in the garden.

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All over the world, decorative sunflower has been decorating flower beds for a long time and is used in flower arrangements, but some growers discovered this attractive sunny flower relatively recently. Most often, sunflowers are planted along the fence as a decorative hedge; it also looks impressive when decorating a multi-level flower bed or as a separate large group in a flower garden. Miniature varieties of decorative sunflowers can be planted in flower pots, as well as used for cutting for bright bouquets.

The decorative sunflower differs from the familiar industrial sunflower, from which seeds are obtained, not only in its smaller size but also in its appearance:

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  • The color of petals in different varieties can be white, vanilla, orange, lemon, golden, red-brown, burgundy, chocolate, etc.
  • flower baskets are simple, semi-double, and double
  • petals are round, long, twisted, curved in shape
  • the diameter of the flower basket varies from 5 cm to 30 cm
  • the height of the stems starts from 40 cm in miniature varieties and reaches 3 m in large varieties.

Today, ornamental sunflowers are often grown to decorate the garden. Unpretentious plants allow you to create extraordinary comfort on the site. Designers use sunflower to create garden and home decorations – a simple, clear flower shape will suit country or Provence style, complementing your familiar surroundings with sunlight.

































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