Home Garden Amazing decoration of your garden with hydrangeas

Amazing decoration of your garden with hydrangeas

by Eva

Amazing decoration of your garden with hydrangeas

One of the representatives of country beauty is hydrangea. Today I want to talk about these beauties.
Very effective plant. Hydrangea blooms for three months, large flowers are visible from all points of the garden. Cold-resistant, withstands temperatures up to -25 …- 30 ° С.
Hydrangea prefers partial shade, nutritious soil with a slightly acidic environment, regular watering, the trunk circle is better to mulch (I mulch coniferous litter). I feed for the entire period 3 times. In early June, a complex fertilizer (azophos) in liquid form, after 20 days with slurry (1:10) and in mid-August with the Fertika autumn fertilizer or rhododendron fertilizer.

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Paniculate and tree-like hydrangeas are pruned in the fall.

Because of its unpretentiousness, hydrangea has gained popularity, is resistant to pests and diseases … Beautifully ennoble your garden with hydrangeas.

Hydrangea is certainly a favorite of a summer cottage! Plant it in your garden, and she will thank you with her magnificent flowering.














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