Home Garden Amazing gardening inspiration with tulips in pots, containers and flower boxes

Amazing gardening inspiration with tulips in pots, containers and flower boxes

by Eva

Amazing gardening inspiration with tulips in pots, containers and flower boxes

Tulips are synonymous with spring. In fact, if we look on the Internet for the word spring, there will be numerous images of gardens full of tulips. But its flowers not only shine with their own light on the ground, but also fill any type of pot or container with interest.

Violet, a delicate spring flower that colors magically the garden

The flower that once had the value of a precious stone, is still one of the queens of spring. I already mentioned on another occasion that there are 15 different groups of tulips, divided according to the time of flowering or the shape of the flower. All in a rainbow of colors and with many shapes and sizes of petals, which can make us difficult to choose, but that wide assortment makes it more viable to get the right tulip for the container we have.

Alone or in company, the important thing is that the pot, container or planter that we choose for our tulips is big enough, so that the bulbs do not dry out and, also, to create greater impact. The substrate must drain well to prevent the bulbs from growing in excessively humid conditions.

We begin to water when the bulbs emerge, increasing the irrigation as they grow. It is not necessary to pay, since they have all the reserves inside the bulb.

Wonderful ideas for fabulous decorations in the garden with climbing roses

If you want to combine the bulbs of tulips with other plants, youcan do it with other bulbs that bloom in spring, especially those of early flowering, to obtain a long succession of flowers. The flowers of Muscari, daffodils and fritillarias are good allies of tulips if we want to create our own garden in a pot.

Of course, many of you can think, I prefer that tulips are the absolute protagonists in that container. No problem, for tastes, colors and tulips colors, precisely, it does not lack, and containers that embellish them even more, either.

















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