Home Decoration ideas How to plant in a wicker basket? – Instructions and many inspirations

How to plant in a wicker basket? – Instructions and many inspirations

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How to plant in a wicker basket? – Instructions and many inspirations

Planted baskets made of different materials, such as rattan, willow or tub, set beautiful visual accents and exude a warm and natural atmosphere. They are suitable for the balcony, garden, and the terrace, as well as for the interior. In this article, you will find instructions and many tips on how to plant a wicker basket yourself.

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The planted wicker baskets bring the flowers to your home in an unusual and beautiful way and immediately catch your eye. The muted colors and the natural material give each room or garden a special charm and provide comfort and coziness. But so that the basket is waterproof, it must also be lined accordingly.

  • Dress the wicker basket. – To make sure your basket does not deteriorate too quickly and get wet, you should definitely line it up well. This is best done with a waterproof, tear-resistant film, such as a sturdy plastic bag or garbage bag. Just lay down the entire floor and let the foil hang over the edge a little bit.
  • Drainage – When planting the wicker basket, you will also need a coaster. For this, cut several holes in the bottom of the film so that the excess irrigation water can drain off. Bear in mind, however, that the basket will get very wet from below if it is poured too much or too often. Another good option is to water more sparingly and to create a drainage layer as the lowest layer – as the lowest layer, add some gravel or broken expanded clay to the basket.
  • Fill the wicker basket with soil and plant. – To plant the wicker basket, you should always use high-quality potting soil and for all perennial flowers, it is best to immediately mix in a small portion of long-term fertilizer. Now fill the basket two-thirds with soil and then place your plants or tubers in the desired places. You can plant very quietly – a certain distance is not necessarily needed. But keep in mind that the larger plants should grow in the middle and the smaller ones on the edge. Then fill up the wicker basket with soil about 2-3 centimeters below the edge.
  • Cover the open spaces. – So that neither the foil on the edge nor bare earth can be seen, you now cover the vacancies with pieces of moss. Alternatively, mulch, pebbles or other can be used.
  • Decorate wicker basket. – Depending on whether you want to place the wicker basket in the garden or indoors, you can decorate it very differently.

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Plant the wicker basket – Which flowers are best?
A basket can be planted seasonally and that’s why we give you some suggestions for the different seasons.

Plant wicker basket in spring. – Flowers like lilies of the valley, violets, daffodils or beautiful tulips are best suited for this purpose.
In the summer you can not miss the beautiful flowers. Their splendor and fullness of flowers are simply beautiful. Moreover, they are so diverse that you can hardly decide. However, it is best to put on delicate daisies, petunia, sage, rose-flowered geraniums or garden chrysanthemums.

In the fall flowers like dahlias, autumn chrysanthemums and heather bring a lot of color to your home.

Plant your wicker basket with fresh herbs
Herbal cultivation is back in fashion this year. After all, herbs are the spice of life and must not be missing in any garden. Some even do not only taste good, but they also bloom very well. Sage, oregano, rosemary, and chives could easily pass as ornamental plants. The herbs can be roughly divided into annual and perennial plants. What you should pay special attention to and which types fit together well, we will tell you immediately.

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Every herb has different demands on its location.
Do not compound annual and perennial herbs.
Always place tall plants in the center or the background.
Plant dryness-loving plants only on the edge.
Unfortunately, not all herbs are sociable plants. The loners include, for example, lemon balm and sage. In addition, you should also avoid a few combinations, as the plants would get in the way of your growth. That would be:

Melissa and basil
Peppermint and chamomile
Dill and tarragon
Coriander and fennel
Of course, there are also varieties that are well tolerated and with which you can plant your wicker basket:

Dill, parsley, cress, chervil, and marjoram
Rosemary, thyme, chives, tarragon, and sage.






















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