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Beautiful and undemanding garden design ideas with daylilies

by Eva

Beautiful and undemanding garden design ideas with daylilies

Daylilies, also called Hemerocallis, are among the most attractive flowering perennials in the garden bed. Although the flowers of these hardy onion plants don’t last very long, in summer they turn the garden into a fairytale flower oasis. Depending on the variety, the flowering period is from the end of May to August. Thousands of varieties of this magnificent plant captivate with their beautiful blooms and heavenly aromas. There are also countless variations in color from pure white, yellow, orange or red to multicolored varieties. If you plant different varieties with different flowering times, you can enjoy a wonderful garden design with daylilies all summer long.

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Plant and share

Daylilies can actually be planted from April to October. When planting most daylily varieties, a planting distance of 50-60 centimeters is recommended. Add compost to the planting hole, cover the roots around 3 to 5 cm with soil and then water them vigorously. With sufficient soil moisture, they thrive in sunny or partially shaded locations with a normal but nutritious and well-drained garden soil. In the spring, the daylilies should be watered and fertilized profusely.

Since these garden plants are long-lived, regular division is usually not necessary. But over the years, the clump takes up too much space and has to be reduced occasionally. The best time to reproduce is autumn. A division of the perennial is also possible in spring before budding. For the goal you should take the root ball out of the earth with a spade and divide it carefully. The root ball is first cut into somewhat more manageable pieces with at least one well-developed leaf crust. The leaves of each new seedling are cut about a hand’s breadth above the roots with the secateurs so that they do not evaporate too much water during the growth phase. Long roots must also be shortened. Then choose new locations and insert the divided plant so deep that the roots are about 2-5cm covered with soil.

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With their low maintenance requirements and huge variety of varieties, the daylilies are perfect for beginners and lazy gardeners. The tireless permanent bloomers are ideal as border plants for garden ponds because they love moist soils. Since they grow in sunny to partially shaded bed locations, they are also well suited as a colorful green area near the building. You can plant them individually or in pairs in a perennial border, as well as plant them as pure daylily beds under larger trees or in narrow plant strips along buildings.

The different flower shapes and heights give the different varieties a different character, so the uses are great. So e.g. the tall, small-flowered varieties appear more natural, the low, small-flowered varieties are also a nice balcony and terrace decoration in pots, and the large-flowered ones fit well in the perennial discounts.

Flower combinations with daylilies

Due to the diverse color spectrum, the easy-care daylilies can be optically combined with many different plants and they also fit almost everywhere and for all garden styles. A classic combination is created by yellow and orange daylilies with blue and or purple perennials, such as lavender, bluebells or sage. Red daylilies, e.g. ‘’ Frederik ’’ look beautiful in a herbaceous border with yellow flowers, like sun hat and sun bride. Another pretty color theme in white, pink and violet can be derived from the delicate combination of pink daylilies with phlox, verbena and splendid candle.

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You can combine the beauty of daylilies with practically all plants and other magnificent perennials, if it matches the color. When planning the bedding, it is important to observe the basic requirements, such as light, nutrients and water, and to choose a suitable height for the different plants and daylily varieties. There are low, often small-flowered Hemerocallis varieties that cut a good figure on the front edge of the bed. Large-flowered and showy varieties of daylilies that grow medium-high can serve as solitary in the garden and thus set strong color accents. Tall varieties with delicate flowers give the bed background a certain lightness and transparency.










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