Home Garden Purple and white flowerbeds: get a romantic look for the garden

Purple and white flowerbeds: get a romantic look for the garden

by Eva

Purple and white flowerbeds: get a romantic look for the garden

Is there anything better than a lush, blooming garden? Flowers, perennials, and shrubs of different colors are simply the best outdoor decorations. Today we are going to show you how beautiful and romantic a flower bed in purple and white can look. In the article, we explain which plants you can put together for a lilac-white bloom.

The purple color may not play a big role in your wardrobe or in your home furnishings. But in a garden, purple flowers are essential to add depth, abundance, and interest in spring, summer, and fall.

In art and literature, purple is often associated with royalty, spirituality, serenity, and knowledge. Some people find that just looking at this color promotes feelings of inner peace and tranquility. Purple can be bold and dramatic, or calm and restful, depending on its nuance and shade.

Arrangements with purple flowers – Gorgeous shades in your garden

A distinction is made between cool and warm purple tones. The blue-violet, for example, is an intense, dark hue, sometimes also called indigo or ultraviolet. Flowers in this color range are experienced as subdued, peaceful, calming, and sophisticated. The warm purple tones, on the other hand, such as mauve and magenta, are lively and full of energy. What all these nuances have in common is that they cut a really good figure in the garden in combination with light colors and above all white.

Here are a few examples of purple-flowered plants for the garden:

22 Fantastic garden decorations for those who love the purple color

To put the purple-blooming plants in the limelight, white flowers are an excellent choice. This delicate color combination looks gorgeous on every bed, whether small or large. The purple and white flowerbed is pleasant to look at and has a calming effect. It is perfect for a romantic cottage garden, but would also go with almost any other garden style.

If you want to design a flowerbed in purple and white, you can choose from many planting combinations. For example, you can:
Combine several flowers, perennials, and shrubs in white and purple tones
Plant different colors from the same flower
Pick a multicolored flower that has lavender-white blooms

Scilla lilo-Hyacinthus: A plant with amazing flowers for your garden

The look of the flowerbed also plays an important role. For example, if it is a low flower bed, then choose low-growing plants such as ground cover. Flower beds with different heights look just as beautiful. To do this, you can combine ground cover with perennial plants. The choice of plants can also vary depending on the season. In our picture gallery, you will find many plant combinations for purple and white in the flowerbed. Let yourself be inspired.

















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