Home Garden Planting lavender in pot and garden: what do you need to know for perfect results?

Planting lavender in pot and garden: what do you need to know for perfect results?

by Eva

Planting lavender in pot and garden: what do you need to know for perfect results?

Lavender is a special plant that everyone can benefit from in any way. The flowers look beautiful but also enchants us with his wonderful smell. The lavender has been proven to have a wonderful impact on our body and mind. Here comes the best news we have for you! You could plant lavender at home. It works just as well in the garden or on the balcony. Here’s everything you should know about it.

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That’s why you should plant lavender!

Before we give you specific tips on how to plant the lavender, we would like to motivate you a little. Both the leaves and the flowers of lavender can be used for therapeutic purposes. They are natural flavors that can also be used in the catering trade.

They are also widely used in cosmetics. They would be ideal for aromatherapy and have a calming effect on the skin and hair. Last but not least, this lavender acts as a natural sedative without any known side effects. Many people solve their problems with quickly greasy hair and scalp, as well as facial impurities with the help of lavender water.

The right soil for the lavender

Let’s start with where the lavender develops well. At home, the lavender feels comfortable in places with a dry climate. The ideal soil would be sandy, with many stones and dry. In recent years, however, it has also been discovered that the humus-rich soil is also very good for the plant. It is best to prepare a mixture of soil from the garden with lime and sand. You can plant the lavender in it.

How to plant lavender in a flower pot

Even if you have a larger garden, you should plant the lavender in a flowerpot first. This makes it easier for you to control everything. Then you could still transplant it into the ground. The lavender likes moderate temperatures, so the room shouldn’t be too warm or too cold. If you put this plant in a flowerpot, you can easily take the right mix of soil, sand, and limestone. Drainage is also of particular importance because the soil must not become too moist. For this, you need flower pots with slightly larger holes through which the water flows. In this case, it doesn’t matter what time of year you plant the lavender.

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You can also put the lavender in the garden

Of course, you could also put lavender in the garden. To do this, choose a location that is very well shielded from the wind. It should preferably be in partial shade. It is best to do this in spring as soon as the chance of frost becomes minimal. The distance between the individual plants should be at least 30 and a maximum of 90 cm. In this case, you must absolutely avoid waterlogging and choose a place with good permeability. The lavender must not be too close to other plants.

Small plants or seeds?

There are two ways to plant lavender. You could either plant a small shoot that is already around 10 cm high. Another alternative would be the seeds. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you get faster results with plants. You can also plant them a little later than in the early summer. But this is the more expensive variant and it would be the better option for the balcony and for use in flower pots, for example. However, you need to make sure that the plants are in good condition. If they grow in unsuitable soil, they could rot quickly before they can develop.

Care during growth

If you plant lavender, you should also be prepared to cut it during the year. The plant that has already grown simply needs this care so that it develops as well as possible. But this is also a pure pleasure in itself because they already come into contact with the flowers and will enjoy this aromatherapy! You have to cut the lavender twice. You have to do this briefly once the first flowers have grown. After that, this is necessary immediately before the lavender fades, i.e. in high summer. The goal is to enable the development of new shoots and a second bloom. The first cut is about half and the second time – a third of the plant.

Find the right type of lavender

There are two popular varieties of lavender on the market that you can buy and plant accordingly. One tolerates the harsh temperatures down to -15 degrees quite well. This would be ideal for the garden. For the balcony, you can also use the other variety, which would be well preserved at around 0 °. This not so hardy lavender variety could also be planted here in gardens. In winter, this strain would have to be isolated from the cold somehow. In addition to different types of plastic, leaves and leaves would also be a good option.

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Lavender goes perfectly with the modern lifestyle

Nowadays we like to combine functionality, style, and health. The lavender goes well with it. This plant can be used well in the decoration of modern homes. It would also match the traditional design. The lavender aroma has a calming and soothing effect. After all, the flowers can also be used in the catering industry for various recipes. Lavender is a medicinal plant and also good for health. So that you can enjoy the plant in winter, you should dry some leaves and divide them into small bags. So you can also use them in winter decorations. Such bags also serve as great gift ideas.

Lavender is a light and also a very grateful plant. This could be something for those of you who dare to plant and care for something in the garden or on the balcony for the first time. We wish you much success…











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