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Arrangements with purple flowers – Gorgeous shades in your garden

by Eva

Arrangements with purple flowers – Gorgeous shades in your garden

They are charming, energizing and give you a good mood. These purple flowers give you a real joy, every day.
Whether you choose flowers for your home or garden, care for them, but also the fact that they grow beautiful, rich and colorful gives you a well-being.


Clematis, the queen of climbing plants – great ideas for your yard and garden


Lavender is a shrub that has a lot of beneficial properties on health, besides being a very beautiful plant. Lavender helps relieve depression and anxiety and is a plant that has a very pleasant smell.
It can also be used to prepare perfumes, creams, but also essential oils. Lavender needs water, if it is drought, so if you want to plant it in a very large space, make sure it has a ready-made irrigation system.


Hydrangea is a flower that is found in different gorgeous shades of purple. It needs quality soil, plenty of water, but also light. Beware, hydrangea flowers are toxic, so be careful not to eat them.
In winter, hydrangea needs water about twice a week, and in autumn it needs about once a week for water. It is a beautiful plant, it grows in any area of ​​the country and is suitable for your household.

Also, if you love purple flowers and arrangements with different shades of purple and lilac, then you can also opt for:

Bull’s eye

All these beautiful flowers have different shades of purple, gorgeous shades, which stand out. To have a beautiful garden, you can combine these purple flowers with different yellow flowers. The contrast will highlight your garden and household and you will enjoy it every day.

Take inspiration from the photo gallery below.




































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