Home Garden Raising and caring petunias – Useful tips for a dream garden

Raising and caring petunias – Useful tips for a dream garden

by Eva

Raising and caring petunias – Useful tips for a dream garden

Petunias are princesses of May, the stars that will make your garden spectacular. Find out all about growing and caring for them to have a home full of beautiful flowers, worthy of envy.

The colors of the petunias are enviable
The petunias have beautiful colors, enviable. So we can find both pink, red, purple, white, yellow or blue.
These flowers are the stars of May and they take care of themselves quite easily.

Heat resistant flowers: verbena, calendula, petunia, geranium and dragon’s mouth

Increasing petunias
The petunias are planted in the spring, but only after you are sure that the temperatures do not drop below zero. petunias need a slightly acidic soil and a space in which to have as much sun.

petunias care
Light: petunias also tolerate shaded spaces, but if you want to have absolutely spectacular flowering petunias, as they are in the photo gallery below, you must position them in the sun. petunias need about 6 hours of sun a day.

Water: As for water, petunias are in constant need of water. Therefore, if you are a person who travels quite often, your petunias will not be so spectacular. The roots of these flowers dry out quite quickly, and for this reason they need water.

However, we must be careful that the roots do not rot. For this, the petunias need an efficient drainage.

Calla, a beautiful and durable lily for your yard and garden

Temperature: petunias grow very well when the night is at least 11 degrees Celsius and the day minimum 18 degrees Celsius. petunias are not resistant to frost.
Help petunias grow beautifully!
Use the manure in the barn to make sure the petunias will grow beautifully. The manure from the stable will provide the soil with the nutrients it needs.

You will have beautiful flowers, richly flowered that will be worthy of envy.

















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