Home Decoration ideas Home decoration with Hyacinths – bring great colors and fresh spring fragrance into the house

Home decoration with Hyacinths – bring great colors and fresh spring fragrance into the house

by Eva

Home decoration with Hyacinths – bring great colors and fresh spring fragrance into the house

Even before spring comes, you can see the colorful flowers of hyacinths in gardens and flower shops. In addition to daffodils, violets, and tulips, the beautiful hyacinths are heralds of the warmer season. Not only do they score with their soft flower colors, but they also bribe us with their irresistible scent that announces spring. These beautiful onion flowers pamper your senses and let us say “goodbye” to winter. They bring us with their natural freshness and wonderful fragrance and suggest that spring is already here. Do you want to enjoy great colors and a fresh scent in your home? If your answer is yes, read on. Because in the following you will learn interesting facts about the hyacinths and get practical tips for their care. How do we focus on the possibilities to drive beautiful hyacinths in the house? How that works, we will tell you soon.

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Worth knowing about the hyacinths
In the last few weeks of winter, we all like to enjoy the blooms of hyacinths, but few of us know where these beautiful flowers actually come from. According to scientific reports, they come from the Mediterranean and the Orient, where they still adorn many gardens and parks. In principle, these are perennial garden plants, which can also be maintained in the house. The hyacinths have fleshy onions that expel early in spring. Depending on the weather conditions, but most in the period March-April.

First, the leaves come out, which are narrow, oblong and somewhat inconspicuous. Then the flower stems grow tall and they can reach about 20 to 40 cm. On it develop small, star-shaped single flowers, which offer us a true color spectacle. These are dyed in subtle white, noble blue, strong violet and in other lovely pastel colors. These delicate, colorful flowers also spread a strong spring fragrance that makes us dream of fine weather and long journeys.

Grooming hyacinths in the pot at home? Then the following tips have to be considered
Many hobby gardeners want to bring a fresh note into the house before the beginning of spring and decide to take care of beautiful hyacinths indoors in the pot. If you also count to the group, however, you should pay attention to the following care tips:

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Location for hyacinths in the pot: To choose the right location for the beautiful flowers, you should assume that they actually rather like cool temperatures. That’s why the hyacinths in the pot do not need much heat, but enough light. For this reason, a full sun location is possible here, for example on the windowsill. The pot must be filled with potting soil. In addition, the hyacinths indoors grow well in a wooden box, in a large soup or salad bowl, which you no longer use in the kitchen, even in disused teacups. For their roots, the flowers do not need much space to delight us with their beautiful flowers.

Watering and hibernation: The hyacinths in the pot you pour like all other spring flowers: little water, but regular watering. Do not let the soil dry out, but avoid any waterlogging that could actually cause the roots to rot.

From May, the resting phase of these bulbous flowers begins, then the watering must be completely adjusted. You also have to cut off the old flower stems. You can leave the leaves for a while. If they turn yellow, you have to remove them as well. The hyacinths in the pot can hibernate in a dark and cool place, whether in the basement or in the apartment. Make sure that the room temperature does not fall below 15 degrees C in winter. During their resting phase, the onion flowers form new roots and shoot tips. In the next spring, they quickly go out and display their beautiful flowers again.

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