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80+ Creative design Ideas for small balconies

by Eva

80+ Creative design Ideas for small balconies

The fact that whatever you do on a small balcony will never fit the table and seats you would like to accommodate a large companion or a friendly meal of several people, it does not mean that it cannot, if properly utilized so spatially as well as decorative, to turn the summer months into a truly convenient and elegant place.

The color in furniture and fabrics, some very decorative on the walls, flower plants and “flexible” furniture depending on the particularities of the space are the only some of the  … magic recipes.

Amazing bohemian-style ideas for your patios and balconies

The smaller the space, the more it should be … an extension of the house so that the overall image “embeds” it into the home rather than “stands out” by emphasizing its small size. Apart from flowers – plants, use general “color” and elements to match the room on the balcony, even a wicker or rag mat, lamps, etc. that initially may have their idea, but will actually create a warmer atmosphere. and the visual impression that this is really just another room in a small house for the summer months.

For seats, prefer small “benches” of simple boards, pallets, etc. that will be cushioned and that you can precisely adjust their dimensions to suit the balcony much easier than in ready-made outdoor furniture.

In general, while trying to beautify and conveniently make a small balcony, think and behave as if it were a small room in your home that you would certainly not have … locked in instead would do everything possible to make it as comfortable as possible. more functional.

Make full use of the height on walls and railings for climbing plants or pots mounted on any type of construction that will not take up valuable floor space.





































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