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Magical house and garden decoration with lavender

by Eva

Magical house and garden decoration with lavender

There are so many ways to make your home original, and add plants is just one of them. Nevertheless, it is probably the most used and simpler. For example, you can decorate your home with lavender. Lavender has beautiful colors and thanks to its reputation in the French province, there are many decorative objects that contain them.

By the way, it is one of the most popular and old seasonings in the world. Here are some home decorating ideas with lavender that could help you decorate your house and garden.

Making your own herb garden ideas

Lavender is one of the most beautiful herbs, and you can easily cultivate it in your home with proper care. The best; It will serve you in a lot of things inside the house.

Plant with a very beautiful look but also a fragrance due to which Lavender is used since the ancient years in perfumery, as well as the healing qualities of the oil containing its flowers.

A sturdy and highly “easy” plant even for beginners in gardening, since it needs even in water are very little.

Lavandula is the scientific name of Lavender and despite its many varieties, some of them are not at all fragrant, the so-called lavender landscape.
That is why when you buy lavender plants from nurseries ask if it is a variety with a strong aroma otherwise you will … disappointed. An aromatic lavender smells intense even without scrubbing its leaves or flowers.

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The height of the lavender shrub can reach a height of one meter, the foliage has a characteristic grayish-green tinge and also varies in how intensely gray or green it will be depending on the varieties, as is the case with the flowers that in some varieties are purple in some other bright blue shades.

It belongs to the species that do not really love the humidity, so watering even during the summertime should be particularly sparse 1-2 times a week, and a very frequent reason that will soon lead you to one. The dried plant is the wetting of the leaves – flowers. It is something that does not favor it at all and limit the watering only to its root.
Generally, the most common cause of Lavender’s drying out is excess water. If you prune the dry places and stop watering it with the frequency you are doing for other species in the garden or your balcony will surely … reappear.

Plant suitable for flowerbeds, corridors etc. in the garden and for planting in flower-pots where as small as it can be combined with other ornamental or herbaceous, while with appropriate pruning, by constantly removing the bottom of the shoots, you can gradually convert it into … petal.

Without the necessity of pruning, and only in large-sized plants, it is done in autumn at the end of the period of intense flowering, although many varieties also keep flowers during the winter.
Cut the blossomed shoots and leave them in a sunny place to dry completely. The dried flowers can be placed in sachets to flavor drawer cupboards or mix them with a little lavender essential oil and other dried fruit flowers, creating your own perfume for perfuming space, and the fresh lavender flowers are particularly beautiful in vases or for use in decorative compositions.


































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