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Cosmos, a beautiful and durable flower for your garden

by Eva

Cosmos, a beautiful and durable flower for your garden

Cosmos is a beautiful annual flower native to the Mexican region with beautiful flowers in shades of white to dark red. The flowers of the Cosmos have a harmonious symmetry of petal arrangement and emit a tranquility and integration that gave rise to the given name. The Cosmos is an ideal choice for planting flower beds in our garden as well as creating rock gardens. It can also be planted in pots and ornamentals on our balcony, to give us generously the color of its flowers.

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In what conditions is the Cosmos developing?

The Cosmos has no particular requirements for soil and thrives even in the driest and barren so long as they have good drainage. He loves dry climates and survives high temperatures without problems with growth and flowering. People need plenty of sun during the day to give us many flowers, so we prefer to plant it in sunny areas of our garden or balcony. We must be aware, however, that people are susceptible to freezing, low temperatures and high winds. To plant the Cosmos in a flower pot, we select a nutrient-enriched pomace containing perlite and pumice stone to effectively drain the water and place the pot on a balcony with a south or west exposure.

What watering, fertilizing and other care do cosmos want?

The Cosmos does not need special care. It needs sparse watering and no lubrication is required during its growth or flowering. All we care about is its soil that must have a very good drainage so that its delicate roots do not rot. It is worth noting that people are highly resistant to fungal diseases and insect infestations. As a precaution, we can spray with a solution of summer paste or potassium soaps to counteract insect infestation and thrips.

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How is the Cosmos multiplying and pruning?

The Cosmos needs no special pruning except to remove its dried flowers in order to enhance the new flowering. If we want to create new plants of the Cosmos, we must know that it is mainly propagated by seed while some varieties also multiply by dividing its roots. We can put the seed in the soil directly in the spring or make a bed. In any case, the seed of the Cosmos needs 2-3 weeks to germinate and about 3 months until it forms its flowers and give us its flowering. Of course, people multiply very easily in our garden, as the seed falls from the ripe flower to the soil and constantly gives us new plants.

And a secret for Cosmos flower

The beautiful flowers of the Cosmos if cut at the appropriate stage that moths open the petals can be kept for 1-2 weeks in the vase. Also, the flowers of the Cosmos can be dried very easily and we create wonderful dried bouquets to decorate our living room in winter.

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