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Freesia a fragrant flower for your garden

by Eva

Freesia a fragrant flower for your garden

Their beautiful colors and their very fragrant flowers are what make Freesia the most beautiful perennial ornamental for planting in pots and flower beds.

Depending on the variety the plant height reaches up to 25-50cm, has lanceolate long leaves and thin stems at the end of which the flowers appear in groups of white, red, orange, pink, purple or blue shades depending on the variety. variety can be single or double petals.

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The Freesia bulbs are planted from early to late autumn and correspondingly the flowering season can start from late winter or early spring and lasts until May.

The bulbs are planted at a depth of about 5cm with the ‘tip’ upwards and 8-10cm apart for planting in flower beds, while in a medium sized flower pot you will need to plant 4-5 freesia bulbs.
At the end of flowering, you can remove the bulbs from the soil, and after cleaning them, keep them in pouches to plant again in the fall, or cut the entire plant protruding part of the soil leaving the bulbs in the soil to re-seed. next spring.

Freesias are one of the most beautiful flowers and bouquets of vases and can withstand water for many days.

Freesia is not a demanding plant, as long as you plant the bulbs in a sunny spot and in a well-drained soil to prevent the bulbs from rotting permanently at the roots.
They need regular watering about every 2 days when the weather is warm and as soon as the soil dries, and a common moist fertilizer after the first buds appear and every 15-20 days helps flowering.
After they grow to a height of about 10-15cm they need support so that the thin shoots do not tilt and are overwhelmed by the weight of the flowers.












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