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Marigold, a durable flower that protects vegetables and beautify our gardens

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Marigold, a durable flower that protects vegetables and beautify our gardens

Marigold is an annual ornamental plant that stands out for its rich prolonged flowering starts in the spring and can last until the beginning of winter. Originating from Mexico, the marigold is planted in flower beds and pots for its beautiful yellow, orange and tile flowers. If we rub the foliage with our hands, it gives off a characteristic not-so-pleasant smell.

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Under what conditions do we plant marigolds to have beautiful flowers?

Marigolds thrive in places with constant sunshine, although it can be adapted in a relatively semi-shaded positions. They are planted in all soils, although they show richer flowering in fertile soil, enriched with compost and manure. When planting marigolds in a flowerpot, we use a generic herb and ensure good drainage by placing a layer of pebbles or pebbles on the base of the flowerpot or jar.

What watering, lubricating or other care do the marigolds want?

Marigold has no particular requirements for watering, except during the hot and dry summer season and during transplanting. Regarding lubricant fertilization, we add complete fertilizer in mid-spring and early summer when planted in the soil. If planted in a flower pot, we add moist flowering fertilizer, once a month, from spring to autumn. It is important to cut the marigold’s flowers when they begin to dry, in order to produce a new rich bloom. Propagation of the marigold is very easy with seeds.

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And a secret for marigold

Marigold is traditionally planted in the vegetable garden, along with the basil, to protect tomatoes, strawberries, eggplants and peppers from various soil insects through the secretions produced by its roots. At the same time it helps pollinate vegetables due to the attraction of bees to its flowers.

Some gardeners would never consider growing tomatoes without marigolds. These bright and chipper annuals do a mighty wonder when it comes to deterring pests. They do this by producing a substance known as alpha-terthienyl. This substance reduces root-knot nematodes in the soil.

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