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Ageratum, a beautiful flower with tufts for your garden

by Eva

Ageratum, a beautiful flower with tufts for your garden

The Ageratum is a distinctive low-growing ornamental plant with heart-shaped leaves and beautiful small flowers in tufted inflorescence-like inflorescences, in shades of blue, violet and white. The flowering of the Ageratum is so rich that it almost hides the foliage of the plant, and lasts from spring to late autumn. The Ageratum one originates from Mexico and is an ideal choice for planting in shallow pots and planters, while it is also used in the garden for planting in clusters, in rock gardens and even for ground cover.


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What are the appropriate conditions to plant the Ageratum?

The Ageratum does not have special requirements for the soil, as long as it has good drainage. When found in fertile soil it shows better growth and richer flowering. The Ageratum prefers sunny places in our garden or on the balcony, although it can grow in semi-shady places. It is quite resistant to coastal areas, but will not thrive in very dry environments. In mild climates it can be a perennial plant, while in cold climates the Ageratum is usually annual as it is sensitive to the cold of winter.

What care in watering and fertilizing does the Ageratum want?

 Ageratum requires a lot of frequent watering in the summer, especially if it is planted in a pot or planter. Regarding the fertilization of the Ageratum, it needs special attention as excessive fertilization, especially nitrogenous ones, can reduce its flowering. If the unripe is planted in the soil, it will need fertilization in early spring and early summer, while if it is planted in a pot it requires more regular fertilization with water-soluble fertilizer.

How does Ageratum multiply and what pruning is needed?

Propagation of the Ageratum is done with seeds that we can sow from mid-March and transplant the young plants in May-June. When the plants of the Ageratum are less than ten centimeters, we prune them to ensure rich branching and greater flowering. It is also good to remove the dried flowers to enhance and prolong its flowering.

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And a secret for the Ageratum

 The Ageratum is sensitive to the moth, a small spider that infects it and destroys its foliage. To treat blackheads we can use the ecological recipe with garlic and onion that we suggest in our relevant article for plant protection with natural materials.











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