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5 spring vegetables to grow in pots

by Eva

5 spring vegetables to grow in pots

And if we don’t have a garden, we can’t grow our own vegetables? The good gardener finds the solution and plants spring vegetables in pots in the yard and on the balcony! And if there is easy access, it also goes up to the terrace to create a lovely vegetable garden. But what vegetables can we plant in pots? Almost everything we plant and garden in the spring! Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and even zucchini.

Vegetable garden: How to grow mini vegetables in your garden even in pots

It’s not that difficult and worth a try. And when the coveted harvest time arrives, we enjoy our delicious fresh vegetables, delicious and healthy, both for the cool summer salads and for the various recipes in the kitchen. It is enough to choose the right pots, enriched pesticide for vegetables and complete organic fertilizer. And of course we take care of protecting our plants in the most eco-friendly way. So let’s see what we will grow on our balcony this year.


Let’s start with the king of the vegetable garden, our favorite tomato! For the cultivation of tomato we obtain large pots with a height and diameter of 30-40 cm and a width of 40 cm to fit its root system. Of the tomato varieties, the monastery is good! Large round or heart shaped tomatoes, red, green, yellow and even purple! Small tomatoes, favorite cherry tomatoes, round cherries and acorns up to tomato-shaped tomatoes, which are egg-shaped and size and hang in a bunch. Planting tomato in a pot needs support to grow well and to bear the weight of the fruit. In climbing varieties we use wooden or metal stake and using special twine we attach the central shoot of tomato on it, while in the bush varieties that do not need pruning we use stainless steel fence mesh to hold the shoots and the fruit. For tomato lubrication, calcium is a very important nutrient so that we do not have the problem of dry tomato top that tans the bottom of the fruit, while Thuringia bacillus helps to cope with this dangerous tomato insect.


We continue with the peppers that have the most fanatical fans. Here, most experienced gardeners know that for peppers that are slow to grow and typically reach 70-80 cm, we will need smaller round pots 20-30 cm in diameter. To see what to choose? Maybe depending on the team we support! There are varieties of round bell peppers in green, yellow, red and even orange. For the more traditional, there is the famous red peppercorn to roast, the yellow peppercorn to fry, and for those who love spicy, we do not hesitate to choose varieties of hot pepper (chili). Note that growing peppers in pots is probably the easiest among the spring vegetables and is an ideal choice for gardeners.Β  It is very important for calcium and for pepper not to tear the fruits, but keep in mind that twisting the pepper leaves can be due to migraine or night frost.


It’s time to make the most delicious moussaka with homemade aubergines from our balcony. Let’s first look at the traditional eggplant varieties we can plant. Lagadas aubergine with light fruit and bright purple color, aubergine eggplant with large round almost black fruits, as well as auburn eggplant with a light fruit, light purple color with characteristic white streaks. And for the tastiest of gastronomy, a traditional Santorini eggplant with large white round fruits, extremely sweet taste and very few spores. We should remember that the eggplant grows up to one meter high, loves the heat and the sun, and we prefer a south-facing balcony to plant it. No special support is needed as long as we are provided with a relatively air-protected position. And as for the size of the pot needed, oligarch like pepper, height and diameter of about 20-30 cm. Not to forget the four-leaf, the most dangerous enemy of eggplant, as it has a particular weakness. So the measures to deal with sulfur and other eco-based garlic and green soap are indispensable if you want to enjoy eggplants on our plate, as we have shown in the video on 3 ways to treat squid.


And now the hardships begin. A more demanding cultivation however the good gardener in cucumber looks. We supply round pots, at least 30 cm in diameter, with a drain hole to drain the water and choose a sunny position. Cucumbers need high temperatures of 20-25 Β° C to grow and bear fruit. So let’s not rush to plant it early in the spring, as it is susceptible to low temperatures, especially at night, below 15 Β° C. We make sure to support it with twine or a special net to climb and hold the weight of the cucumbers effectively. May I ask you something more to succeed in growing cucumber in pots? To protect it from the mildew fungus as well as the tar, we dust it with sulfur around the root of the cucumber and on the lower leaves. And if we want to make sure we get a good harvest and prevent insects and chickpeas, we sprinkle cucumber plants every week with an impromptu eco-friendly recipe by dissolving a spoonful of green soap soup in a liter of water.


And for the end something more unusual! Although we do not often find potted zucchini, we have tried and recommend boiled, fried and grilled zucchini from our balcony for this summer. The zucchini has sufficient lateral growth and considerable volume and needs a large flowerpot, 40-50 cm in diameter, to plant and cultivate. Support does not require anything special. It is important not to wet the zucchini foliage when watering because there is a high risk for mildew to cause bleaching on the leaves and yellowing on our zucchini that will not prevent them from growing. To avoid such great damage, dust with sulfur around the root and remove the lower zucchini leaves that are in the pot and near the soil surface. In this way we ensure better ventilation and avoid the development of diseases. And of course, let’s not forget when it is time to cut our zucchini, choose a very morning time to be fresh and tasty.












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