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Planting beautiful planters with geraniums on the balcony: tips for amateur gardeners

by Eva

Planting beautiful planters with geraniums on the balcony: tips for amateur gardeners

In spring and summer, geraniums with the sea of ​​their flowers are really impressive on the balcony of the house. Both hanging and upright varieties are very easy to care for and bloom throughout the summer. There is no doubt that these beautiful flowers are one of the most popular balcony plants today. If you want to plant pots and flower boxes with geraniums, then late spring (mid-May) is the time to do so. We give you useful tips for your balcony and explain when to plant geraniums, the distance between the individual flowers you need to design and which accompanying plants are the ideal combination partners for geraniums.

cosmos, a beautiful and durable flower for your garden

If you want to plant boxes and flower pots with geraniums, you can choose between two forms of growth. Both hanging and permanent varieties are sold in garden centers and nurseries. Which one you choose depends mainly on your preferences. Basically, hanging geraniums take up significantly more space than permanent varieties. Standing geraniums can also be effectively organized by covering ground and tall shrubs, while hanging geraniums are displayed in flower pots, especially as a beautiful presentation.

Hanging geraniums on the balcony: care tips

Hanging geraniums (lat. Pelargonium peltatum) are hybrid plants that reach a maximum height of 40 cm. Their shoots, up to one meter long, hang over the edge of the flower. They are a nice figure in the decoration of the balcony and attract everyone’s attention with their bright colors. Hanging geraniums on the balcony box prefer sunny locations. A west-facing balcony is perfect, lying several hours a day in the sun and several hours in partial shade. Geraniums can easily handle a breeze in summer, but a stormy location can damage the plant’s delicate shoots.

Permanent geraniums: Popular planting associates

The standing geraniums (Pelargonium grandiflorum) reach a maximum height of 35 cm. They form many flowers between May and October and are really impressive, both as a soloist and in ensembles with other summer flowers, in every grower. Flowers that love heat thrive best in sunny to partially shaded locations, need a little water and are extremely easy to care for.
Geraniums are really beautiful: the wide of varieties and colors allows different flower pot designs on the balcony. The flowers of the flower transform the balcony into a rustic, exotic or modern oasis in the middle of the big city. The ultimate classic among the blooming flowers of summer is extremely easy to care for. Proper location, nutrient-rich soil and regular watering are important conditions for the rapid growth of cranes.

Polygala: a wonderful ornamental shrub for your garden

A few years ago, geraniums were considered old-fashioned and boring, however, today they are established as truly classic among balcony flowers and for good reason: thanks to the wide range of varieties, colors and flowers, many design ideas can be applied to different garden styles.

Admire beautiful ideas in the pictures below and get inspired













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