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Calla, a beautiful and durable lily for your yard and garden

by Eva

Calla, a beautiful and durable lily for your yard and garden

Callas are beloved bulbous plants with striking flowers, lilies, which usually appear in summer or spring in warmer areas. Originally from South Africa, the calla features large green lanceolate leaves and rich blooming with impressive trumpet-like flowers and unique colors.

The most famous variety of callas is the one that has white flowers, blooms in spring. There are many more striking varieties of striking colors such as yellow, pink, purple, red and even purple flowers. Calla is the most durable lily we can plant in flower beds in the garden, in flowerpots and ornamental plants in the courtyard and on the balcony, and can also be planted as an indoor plant. Callas lilies are very popular in bouquets and wedding ornaments, as well as being ideal flowers for home decoration. Let’s look at the most important tips on taking good care with tips to enjoy many wonderful lilies in our garden.

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How is calla planted and under what conditions does it grow?

Calla wants a cooler climate and can thrive in both semi-humid warm places in southern and more sunny in the colder northern regions. If we plant the good in a flower pot on a balcony, we prefer points in the west or east. Callas love moisture, but when planting it needs soil that has a good drainage to remove water. For planting the callus in a pot, we choose a general-purpose pearl-containing pesticide for moisture retention and good ventilation. The callus rhizomes are planted in the spring, making sure the eyes look up when planting. Plant the rhizomes at a depth of about 10 cm and at distances of 30-40 cm between them.

Whenever calla needs watering and fertilizing?

Call needs relative humidity and regular watering to have good growth and flowering. Avoid over-watering when planting rhizomes, as this can cause problems and prevent the bulb from growing. We water once a week in the spring and twice a week in the high season. Calla has moderate nutrient needs and we add moist flowering fertilizer once a month from mid-spring to late summer to boost its growth and give us more flowers.

What insects and diseases affect calluses?

Calluses are affected by several fungal diseases of the root system, leaves and flowers in conditions of excessive moisture and poor ventilation. To treat them, spray the callus foliage with a copper and brass solution or a homemade baking soda solution and water the root with a copper sulfate solution. Also, to treat the insect and the throat-infesting insects, spray with an impromptu solution we mix by mixing 1 tablespoon of grated green soap into one liter of water.

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How does the calla multiply?

We can create new plants by planting seeds in the spring as well as by dividing the plant. The simplest and easiest way to multiply is by dividing the callas plant into the fall season when the plant enters dormancy. When dividing the plants, cut the rhizomes of the plant in such a way that each callus plant contains an eye. We store the callas rhizomes in the dark and dry environment during the winter, until we plant them in the ground or in pots the following spring.

And a secret about calla

Calla needs enough light to grow and give us their wonderful bloom. In low light conditions, their flowers do not get their normal color and remain green.












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