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Heat resistant flowers: verbena, calendula, petunia, geranium and dragon’s mouth

by Eva

Heat resistant flowers: verbena, calendula, petunia, geranium and dragon’s mouth

The beauty of flowers is undeniable. Too bad you can not enjoy its aroma and color throughout the year. When temperatures rise dramatically, few species stand upright. However, not everything is lost. There are heat-resistant flowers that remain fresh even when the sun really squeezes. These are strong and resistant flowers that are not afraid of heated environments.

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We will suggest cheerful and colorful options that are ideal even on the hottest days. All of them bloom in spring and summer, which is a sign that they love to brown in the sun. Despite being heat-resistant flowers, they all need irrigation to be able to withstand it, although, to some extent, they are drought-resistant flowers. The important thing is that they remain in the shade when the sun’s rays are more direct.

Do you know what are the flowers that withstand the heat? Verbena and calendula are great examples of this kind of flower. Hot? Welcome!
Verbena is a flower that withstands heat and has more than 250 species. Glandularia is a genus of this family that is widespread. This flower likes the sun and warm temperatures, as well as a rich and well-drained soil. It supports the semi-shade, but it will bloom better if it shines in the sun. In order for them to bloom healthy and in quantity, the flowers must be removed as they wilt. They are flowers that support water scarcity and only require irrigation once a week. Its care is very easy and comfortable, in addition, its purple cluster flowers are very beautiful. The most typical are the purple ones, but the yellow verbena is also beautiful.

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Calendula is a very popular ornamental plant. Coming from Mediterranean areas, it is characterized by having flowers that resist the sun. It needs dry and poor land, and, above all, a location in full sun. Their color ranges from yellow to orange, and they bloom at any time of the year, but they abound more in summer. Calendula officinalis or golden button is one of the most famous species of this genus.

Among the heat-resistant outdoor flowers, petunia, geranium and dragon’s mouth stand out. Start giving joy to balconies and gardens of the house with these flowers.

Petunia is an off-road flower. Although they need heat and sun, they are also able to overcome the cold. Therefore, it is a flower for the whole year. Even so, its flowering is in late spring and summer, so it will be sadder during winter.

 Geranium comes from South Africa and requires constant exposure to the sun, so it is a flower that withstands heat very well. It is also very common and easy to get a flower. Likewise, how to take care of geraniums is something really simple. Therefore, a very good option in summer. It usually withstands drought although it requires regular watering to avoid taking risks.

Finally, we propose you as one of the best flowers for summer to the dragon’s mouth, the common name of the Antirrhinum majus. They are flowers suitable for low temperatures, but rather temperate pulling warm. Keep in mind that they do not resist extreme cold. They prefer to sunbathe and need at least five hours a day. Still, you can also put them in the shade from time to time. They require humidity in summer, but without exaggeration in irrigation.

There are many more flowers that resist heat, but these are the most accessible and require little care. Do you know any more examples?





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