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Flower beds forming with plastic pots

by Eva

Flower beds forming with plastic pots

Plastic pots are the most economical and practical planting containers, lightweight, easy to carry, watering in the plastic evaporates more slowly than pots of other materials etc but aesthetically certainly lag behind those clay pots.

Marigold, a durable flower that protects vegetables and beautify our gardens

One very simple way to plant flower beds – which either do not thrive planted directly on the ground and their roots need to be “squeezed” or are still small for the transplant process – is to simply … dip their plastic pots in soil.

This method is also ideal for planting in flowerpots with delicate ornamentation you purchased from a nursery, without the plants being “shocked” by the transplant and at the same time depriving them of the appropriate pesticide and fertilizer they certainly have.

You can dip the whole pot in the soil or let its rim protrude from the soil, if you use more elegant, colored etc. plastic pots.

Hyacinth, an amazing plant for garden and flower pot

From the holes at the bottom of the pot, which you can cut with cutter, the roots of the plants will come out and find the … soil just as if you had planted the plants directly on the ground.

Of course, both for decorative purposes and to keep your pots from falling into the air, you can do the same with any sized clay planting container.








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