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Summer Campanula – great ideas for your pots and garden

by Eva

Summer Campanula – great ideas for your pots and garden

The delicate bells of Campanula bear the brunt of summer. Enjoy them while summer is here.

There have been many new varieties of Campanula in recent years, and the further development of the varieties has resulted in longer flowering time and richer flowering. Campanula is available in beautiful blue tones and in white.

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How to care for Campanula

Pinch of withered flowers then prolongs the rich flowering.
Many types of Campanula are perennials and they thrive best in the sun.
Pay special attention to watering the first summer, as the root system will be robust and establish itself well.
Feel free to give them a sunny location, then they will reward you with a rich flowering.
Campanula has super durability, which is why we also use Campanula indoors. A Campanula on the kitchen table is a wonderful start to spring and summer.












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