Home Garden 35 DIY ideas to turn your garden into a fairytale story

35 DIY ideas to turn your garden into a fairytale story

by Eva

35 DIY ideas to turn your garden into a fairytale story

Amazing ideas, which include flowers, ornaments, and decorations absolutely spectacular for any simple yard or garden to turn into a fairytale story.

Now you will be able to make the time spent in your yard accompanied by an absolutely beautiful landscape.

Great DIY ideas for your garden made from tree logs

The arch for the entrance to the yard
The entrance to the courtyard of your house can be arranged with an absolutely enchanting arch. This is especially beautiful and can be used to put climbing flowers here.

If you want to know what beautiful flowers are perfect for such an arrangement, follow these beautiful arrangements with Wisteria or Glycine. This flower is ideal for any yard, it beautifies your space, and when it blooms it is impossible not to fall in love with it.

Arrangements of the space around the tree
The space around the trees can be left free, or you can try to do more. With a little imagination, you can plant beautiful flowers here, delimiting them with natural stone. Moreover, if you have an old bicycle you can highlight it in such a place.

Choose to use a trick to create beautiful decorations
With the help of a large vase or pot, you can create such an optical illusion. The flowers seem to flow out of the vase, giving the impression of a waterfall of flowers or a beautiful and colorful flower.

Reuse old stuff
Whether we are talking about a bucket, a maid or other old things, reuse them to make your yard worthwhile. These things are beautiful, ideal for your home and fit perfectly in any space in the yard or even on the terrace if you have enough space.

































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