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How to adopt the hippie style in your bedroom?

by Eva

How to adopt the hippie style in your bedroom?

To travel without leaving your room, we adopt the hippie style. A resolutely decorative folk inspiration, between a comforting cocoon and energizing colors.

A wind of freedom and elsewhere blows over the bedroom, in a tasty mix and match of materials and colors, which gives the room an air of a trailer or tiny house art & craft. That’s exactly the hippie style.


Like the bohemian style, of which it is a variation, the hippie style is a mixture of several inspirations. He navigates between the explosion of colors and refined shades, accumulation, and minimalism. The common point? Mismatched objects, as if brought back from more or less distant trips, to mix with each other and which can sometimes give a motley impression. The master word? A clever mix of ethnic or floral prints, and natural materials such as wood, wool, or leather for a feeling of freedom and escape. Loosely inspired by the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s, it has become chicer over the years to fit easily into our interiors without losing its folk and nomadic aura.

How to make your bedroom cozy and enjoy a good night’s sleep


To give your bedroom a hippie chic air, think of it as a cozy cocoon with warm and colorful materials. We opt for furniture and decoration that seems to be handmade, to have been found, or to have belonged to our ancestors but especially in the spirit inspired by neo-crafts.


To immerse your bedroom in the hippie universe, you do not overlook the wall decoration which holds an important place in the boho-chic style. Printed fabrics from India or Bali, sparkling light garlands, mirrors galore or the essential macrame wall hanging will set the tone for our bohemian decor. And no need to hesitate between the three since accumulation is essential for a successful atmosphere.

Choose your furniture

In terms of furniture, we favor natural fibers, wood, leather, or rattan that we will not forget to accessorize more than necessary with cushions or blankets. On the bed, multiply the layers of duvets or curl up in a large blanket to spend the winter in the warmth. If space allows, why not add an “Emmanuelle armchair” or hang a hammock?

Textiles to create the decor

As we will have understood, folk, ethnic or floral-inspired textiles can set the tone. Hanging on the wall, it can be simply decorative or serve as a bed canopy. But armchairs, sheets, or curtains are also adorned with prints and other mandalas. On the ground, we have all around the bedding jute, kilim, or fringed rugs as soft on the feet as on the mind. Without forgetting the essential accessory, the cushion, to be multiplied both on the floor and on the bed.

What color for a hippie bedroom?

When we think of hippie, we think of a psychedelic atmosphere. However, no need for garish colors to obtain a boho-chic spirit. We rely on off-white, ecru, or eggshell shades that can be awakened by a brighter chromatic palette. Red, pink, orange, blue, green, brown… so many reminders of nature to bring into your interior. The most daring can even be tempted by a purple decoration.

Essential objects for my bohemian decor

Once the decor is installed, it is punctuated with decorative objects always imbued with nature and travel. Photo frames or paintings carelessly placed on the ground or hung on the walls rub shoulders with statuettes, lanterns, baskets, or dream catchers. A green plant suitable for the bedroom or a pretty bouquet of peonies will bring the final touch to our hippie chic decor.
















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