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Lilium an impressive flower for your yard or garden

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Lilium an impressive flower for your yard or garden

One of the most impressive displays of ornamental species growing from bulbs and also very easy, even for completely amateur gardeners, since the care required by Lily is minimal.
It belongs to the lily family and the most popular of the many varieties are the Asian lilies (Asiatic Lilies) and the Oriental Lilies lilies.

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It develops in the size of a pot with a hard and not flexible stem and the flowers are in an impressive trumpet shape and a very large color variety is formed on the edge of each stem.
The most common varieties are white, red, pink, and orange, while the rarest ones with burgundy are almost black, as are the intensely two-tone varieties.
One of the most suitable and impressive flowers for vases or use in fresh flower arrangements.

The care that Lilium needs is minimal as long as their bulbs are planted in a bright sunny spot, but without directly accepting the midday summer sun. The less light they need, the more the plants grow taller but without being “filled” with leaves and of course their reduced flowering.
A spring fertilizer with a general-purpose cosmetic preparation is enough for intense flowering.
Use general but fluffy topsoil for outdoor ornamental plants.
They need moderate-normal watering when their soil dries and only at the base of the plant, without wetting flower stems, as the extra moisture can result in the presentation of diseases-weeds.
The most important thing in the cultivation of lilies is the very good drainage of the soil. It should not stagnate where rainwater is found or in dishes if you plant them in pots.

Most varieties are planted in early spring, but there are some, such as the Parthenocrine (Virgin’s Lily), which is planted in the fall.
Plant 3-5 bulbs together in groups and at a distance of 30-40cm per group. Depending on the size of the bulbs, small or large, they are planted at a depth of 5-10cm or 10-15cm respectively, directly in the soil or in pots.

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It is a summer-flowering plant and by combining early, normal early, and late flowering bulbs, you can have lilies blooming in your garden or balcony from early June to mid-September. When buying bulbs, ask for details about the exact flowering period of each variety in addition to its color – size, to make the best choices.

At the end of autumn, completely prune all the stems of the plant without disturbing the bulbs that will start to grow again next spring, as long as you protect the soil during the winter from rainwater and severe cold. At the end of autumn, cover the soil surface in the pot or at the point where you have planted Lilium with tree bark, sawdust, or straw.
Every 2-3 years in early spring you can remove the bulbs from the soil and carefully divide each cluster into 2-3 individual sections that you will plant separately.




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