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Fern, a timeless plant with beautiful leaves your pot and garden

by Eva

Fern, a timeless plant with beautiful leaves your pot and garden

Although it belongs to the ornamental plants that do not have a flower, Fern is a “treasure” on the one hand for … amateur gardeners since it has minimal requirements in care on the other hand it is a plant that can be placed anywhere in the garden or on the balcony, directly at soil or in planting pots, ideal for hanging pots, while most varieties can be grown as indoor plants.

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With tropical origin, from a natural free environment is a native plant that is multiplied as the air disperses tiny spores that grow on the back of the sheets.

Fern especially loves the humidity but not the direct exposure to the sun, so choose for your ferns shady or semi-shady cool places and especially in the summer months you water daily, while more than the watering of the roots the spraying of its leaves with water favors it...

Depending on the variety, the color of the foliage varies and can be from greenish to deep green, but sunlight also affects its hue and the more exposed the fern is to the sun, the lighter the leaves become.

It grows very fast, if it is in the right place and has the moisture it needs within a year, it can double in size.

“Curly” fern and “Boston Fern” are the most common ornamental varieties that you will find in all nurseries to plant them either individually or in combination with other ornaments.
The vertical growth of the helical foliage makes the fern suitable to be placed either at the back as the tallest plant in a pot with some still small growing seasonal species, or planted at the front with the leaves falling down.

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The same easy as a houseplant provided besides watering the leaves with water and is sprayed will often positioned at a point having as increased moisture as possible and away from heaters, radiators, fireplace, conditioner etc..

A common fertilizer in granular or liquid form, from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn once a month, will help its healthy growth, like all your ornamental plants.

Its appearance is particularly impressive in hanging pots-baskets, planted in flats where there is shade, in flower beds under trees and generally in any shady place you need … greenery… the fern is the solution.









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