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Fuchsia a beautiful plant for your balcony, yard and garden

by Eva

Fuchsia a beautiful plant for your balcony, yard, and garden

The perennial flower of tropical origin that was formerly planted, usually in metal cans or whitewashed white pots, wasn’t missing from any courtyard or balcony.
One of the most striking summer flowering ornaments, due to the very peculiar flowers that tilt down and resemble a pendant earring, this is why Fuchsia is also known as Earrings.

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The old-class varieties have blossomed in vibrant pink-purple shades, but now there are over 12,000 hybrid cultivars that differ in both the color and size of flowers. Rare are the species with flowers in orange and white-purple hues.

Fuchsia is planted exclusively in planting pots and not directly in the soil and is particularly impressive for use in pots and baskets.

It needs light but not direct exposure to the bright sun, especially at lunchtime. Choose for Fuchsia semi-humid areas, protected from the wind, and during the winter it should be protected from the cold.

It blooms all summer long, especially if high temperatures require regular watering even daily and very good drainage. Prefer not to use a saucer in the Fuchsia flowerpot and choose a good quality organic soil enriched with pesticides.
In the early stages of growth, water plants need light support.

A fertilizer for ornamental in liquid form every 15-20 will greatly help its intense flowering and overall health of the plant.
In the middle of spring, if needed, you can prune “adult” plants to maintain their shape.
It multiplies by seeds or mainly by cuttings, but it is not one of the easiest plants in this process.
During the winter and until the next flowering it can be kept in a protected indoors, as long as you provide it with relative humidity conditions and very sparse watering when the soil around the roots completely dry.





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