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Water lily, a flower in the water and a great decoration for your garden

by Eva

Water lily, a flower in the water and a great decoration for your garden

One of the most popular aquatic plants is undoubtedly water lilies. They look delicate, but the flowers are both durable and beautiful, they can withstand almost any environment.

Water lilies can be grown in an aquarium, a cistern, a large jardine or in ponds of any size and grow from rooted potted plants under water.Water lily has large, glossy heart-shaped leaves floating in the water and stands out for its striking radial flowers in various colors, white, red, blue, purple or pink reaching up to 30 cm in size. The water lily has a flowering period from May to August.

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Are there many varieties of water lily?

There are dozens of varieties of water lilly, the most durable varieties cultivated as perennials and the most sensitive tropical varieties cultivated as annuals. Indicatively we mention the blue water lily that opens its flowers by day and closes it at night while the white water lily opens its flowers at night and closes it by day.

What are the appropriate conditions for the development of the lily of the day?

The water lily only thrives in the water and grows very quickly at a depth of 0.5-1 meters, looking for sunny places to give its spectacular flowering. It should be noted that the water lily is sensitive to low winter temperatures. Propagation of the water lily by seed and by the division of rhizomes.

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Cultivation instructions

Plant the water lilies in a large pot wide and shallow before you place them in your pond, cistern, aquarium or jar.
Use a plastic flower pot to prevent it from being damaged by water. – Fill the pot with heavy garden soil, clayey or generally muddy.

Plant the rhizome near one side of the pot rather than in the center. The rhizome usually has an eye or a branch which is where the water lily begins to grow. This eye should look upwards and not be covered with soil.
If you have a fertilizer in granules or tablets, place 1-2 tablets in the soil to help the plant get started.

When the rhizome is planted, cover the soil with a gravel pot and a few large stones. This will help keep the soil around the plant and not get carried away by water. – Once the water lily is planted it is ready to be placed in the lake. Water the pot well before placing it in the pond.

Place the container in the lake, at an angle to allow the air to escape. Place stones or empty pots with pebbles at the bottom of the lake and place your pot on them if your water lily is from shallow waters. This will correct their depth and distance from the surface.
When the shoots begin to grow, move the plants deeper. When the water lilies reach the surface of the water and spread their leaves, they will soon bloom.

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And a secret about the water lily

The ancient Greek name of the lily is “nymph” and is based on the word nymph. Also in ancient Egypt the water lilies were associated with the deities of the upper world and the lower world.





















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