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How to make an original DIY flowerbed for tulips

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How to make an original DIY flowerbed for tulips

Anyone who once saw the steppe or alpine meadows at the time of flowering tulips will confirm that they bloom in such a way that they catch their breath. The same illusion can be created in a suburban area. With the emergence of young grass, daffodils, tulips, Muscari bloom. The โ€œislandsโ€ of these modest flowers will become a magnificent decoration of your lawn.

Amazing gardening inspiration with tulips in pots, containers and flower boxes

Most bulbous plants are not characterized by prolonged flowering. Flushed with bright colors in early spring, by the summer their leaves turn yellow, and the plants go to rest. To create a blooming oasis in the middle of the green surface of the lawn, plant a group of small-bulbous plants here and sow annuals in early spring. After the onion fades, colorful petunias and multi-colored pansies will replace them.

Try planting bulbs under the cover of the lawn. Amazingly beautiful tulips, hazel grouse, daffodils, when they arise in the middle of the emerald juiciness of young grass. For planting, choose a plot of lawn with a well-formed, non-moistened turf. Small-bulb plants are well planted in special plastic baskets that can be purchased in any garden center. Such baskets are easy to get out of the ground, besides you will never mix up different types and varieties.

For lovers of onion plants, we recommend using a special planting tool – a planter. It does not destroy the soil, taking the surplus out of the hole. With it, you can quickly and gently plant the bulbs in even holes and in the intended places.

Expert Advice:

Try to arrange a curb, a discount, or a flowerbed on the lawn. It is not difficult, the main thing is to determine the color gamut of plants. Usually, it is contrasted with the general background, otherwise, the border is lost and its aesthetic function becomes meaningless. Tall plants are planted far from the paths, where they will be well exposed.


1. Put the basket on the lawn in the place where you plan to land, u cut the turf around its circumference to a depth of 10-12 cm.

2. Remove the basket. Raise the cut soil layer on the shovel without disturbing the surface of the adjacent lawn and cut turf. Deepen the hole on the bayonet of the shovel.

3. Sprinkle fertilizer along the bottom of the pit. 1/3 cup superphosphate is taken into a hole with a diameter of 30โ€“40 cm.

4. Place a basket for onions in the pit. Sprinkle a layer of moist earth at the bottom of the basket and compact it well. Place the bulbous bottoms on a layer of earth.

5. Carefully cut off excess earth from the bed of removed sod.

6. Fill the onions with the earth. Close the turf pit with the onions planted. Now you can not touch it for several years. Do not forget to mulch the plantings with a layer of peat before the onset of frost.






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