Home Decoration ideas Acapulco chair – 37 decorating ideas in the classic timeless virtual design

Acapulco chair – 37 decorating ideas in the classic timeless virtual design

by Eva

Acapulco chair – 37 decorating ideas in the classic timeless virtual design

The timeless design and optimal functionality are combined in this iconic piece of furniture: the Acapulco chair. The curved, ergonomic shape of the seat with its flexibility as well as the laces that are covered with rays create this seating furniture in an unbeatable way. You can find out when and where the Acapulco chair was invented and how you can skillfully direct it at home. Take a look at the elegant furniture ideas from our image collection and get inspired by them.

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Acapulco chair – a real must-have

A Frenchman is said to have invented the legendary chair in the 1950s in Acapulco, Mexico. At the time, the exotic seaside resort was very popular with many international tourists and celebrities. Unfortunately, the name of the inventor is not known. However, he is said to have been inspired by the Mayan hammock and designed it as a seat.

The Mexican heat was too much for him and he was looking for a chair that didn’t have a tight seat. So he has made a solid metal frame covered with elastic cords and voilà! The Acapulco chair was born. Thanks to its perfect ergonomics and elegant design, the chair soon reached the US and Europe. It is now known almost everywhere in the world and can be found in a wide variety of designs.

Why is it worth the original?

As with all other classic furniture, the Acapulco chair also produces many so-called copies that can be purchased much cheaper. Although they are very similar to the original, in most cases they are of inferior quality. In terms of durability, stability, and comfort, the copies are clearly inferior to a handmade Mexican chair. An authentic Acapulco chair has an extremely stable frame that is galvanized and coated with electrostatic paint. That is why it is completely resistant to rust and weather conditions. The covered laces are made of high-quality plastic, which follows gently when sitting and takes the outline of the body. When you get up, the laces immediately return to their original position and the chair will not be deformed in any case no matter how long you use it. Of course, good things come at a price. An authentic Acapulco chair usually costs between 300 and 400 euros. The models that are covered with real leather are much more expensive.

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Living and furnishing with Acapulco chair

Although the Acapulco chair was originally intended for outdoor use, it fits perfectly in any room. Even when it comes to particular furniture styles, it doesn’t matter at all. The chair is very versatile and can be combined with almost all possible home furniture and accessories. In the classic black or white it shows a subtle character, while in a bright yellow or passionate red, the Acapulco chair brings more dynamism to the interior. Even in green, blue, or light gray, the classic design always gives a delicate figure and immediately becomes a fashionable piece of design.


































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