Home DIY Cool DIY planters from big cans that will do yourself for your gardens, courtyards, and balconies

Cool DIY planters from big cans that will do yourself for your gardens, courtyards, and balconies

by Eva

Cool DIY planters from big cans that will do yourself for your gardens, courtyards, and balconies

Today we have something for you that is reminiscent of whitewashed Greek islands or yards in many of villages… in a more artistic version.

If you want to hide or camouflage a ugliness on the balcony or garden, if you want to change the decor in some of their corner with something summery and original, or simply if you have artistic concerns and desire to create, we have a very beautiful idea to transform your balcony, garden or even stairs by literally putting your own touch.

Planting flowers in the most special places – Great DIY ideas and photos

I don’t know about you, but every spring I get an artistic passion and a never ending thirst for creation.

This is how the “cobbled path” that brought island air to my garden emerged (as the sea is a little too far away … and it’s nothing more than empty cans of pot debts, painted in vibrant colors and painted with imagination and hands. my!
In my “cobbled path”, I tried to visualize what my eyes saw on the cobbled streets of Paxos with their wonderful colors and many kittens.

Floral arrangements for a special garden

Don’t worry! I will tell you all the secrets to make these pots for yourself so that they last a year without damage!

In addition to your appetite for creativity, patience, inspiration and imagination, you’ll still need:
-Empty cans (better than cheeses so that the lid welcomes the flowerpot.
-1 paint brush wide enough for painting
-1 set of paint brushes
-The basic colors (plastic) with which you will mix and bring out many shades.
-1 pallet.
-1 primer.
-1 stone varnish (glaze) that will waterproof them so they last a long time and are protected from sun and rain, do not bleach or peel.

Step 1:
Thoroughly clean and wash the detergent and vinegar cans to eliminate odors and allow them to drain.
Step 2:
Drill a few holes in the bottom with a nail so they can leave the water when you water the flowers you plant!
Step 3:
After they are well dried, apply the primer to coat the paint better and not fray.
Step 4:
After the primer has dried well, paint with the color you chose as the background. Allow enough hours to pull and dry!
Step 5:
Bring to your mind pictures that you love and paint that you like… Sea, cobbled streets, mills, windows, doors, bougainvillea, basilica, cats and whatever else you can imagine, putting your personal touch to your artwork! When you are finished painting, let them dry for an entire night!
Step 6:
Apply the painted cans with water-based varnish to make them waterproof!
Step 7:
Apply pots to the holes in the lids, plant flowers of your choice!

Good luck!

Note: I did, however, set up “my island” on a few cement blocks that I painted as cobblestones and I can’t afford to see it.















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