Home Garden How to prepare flower pots and flowerbeds for a long, warm, but beautiful summer in your yard and garden

How to prepare flower pots and flowerbeds for a long, warm, but beautiful summer in your yard and garden

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How to prepare flower pots and flowerbeds for a long, warm, but beautiful summer in your yard and garden

Since spring we have been preparing our flower garden and pots for a long, warm, but absolutely spectacular summer. Get ready for summer with dreamy flowers, which have intoxicating scents. Prepare the soil, choose to buy fertilizers for your plants, but also substances to remove pests, if they occur.

To make sure that your flowers will beautify your garden, you need to start preparing the soil and the places where you want to plant or grow flowers.

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Choosing the right place

If you have never placed flowers outside, it is time to choose the right place for them. Opt for a space where your flowers will be protected from strong winds, but where they will also have sunlight.

If you have planted or positioned potted flowers outside, you need to consider how they have grown in recent years. If you notice that they did not do well, try to change their place this year.

Also, if the flowers will be planted directly in the ground, take into account the spaces where not much water is collected after it rains. This way, you will make sure that the roots of your flowers will not rot.

Soil preparation for flowers

The soil must be dug and prepared before planting flowers or any other plants there. To ensure that this soil provides a fertile substrate, choose to put organic fertilizer. 

After digging the soil, don’t forget to rake it and then start sowing. This applies to both vegetables and fruits and flowers. The soil must be prepared in advance to enjoy a rich culture.

Land fertilization is done with chemical or organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer involves the application of compost or bone powder.

Soil structure, pH, and water retention capacity are also important. Most soils are neutral, but make sure you don’t have acidic or alkaline soils so you can only plant flowers that will do well here.

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The actual planting

After preparing the soil in terms of fertilizers and digging, the actual presentation of the flowers follows. Since the beginning of spring, the seedlings of biennial plants are planted, but also annual ones.

Perennial potted flowers are planted in June, and here we are talking about flowers such as begonia or fuchsia, Dipladenia, and geraniums.

























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