Home Garden Armeria, a flower full of colors for your garden that you will love

Armeria, a flower full of colors for your garden that you will love

by Eva

Armeria, a flower full of colors for your garden that you will love

We all love the colors in our yard and balcony and those of us who are involved in gardening, this is one of our goals. Success comes through colors and fragrances.

So, we decided to talk to you today about a plant that is not very common, but it is not completely neglected. What does this mean; It means that there are people who know about the plant that we will analyze today, while there are others who will see it for the first time today.

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We are talking about Armeria. They are very earthy. It can be grown as a perennial, while some use it as an annual. Its height reaches up to 40 cm, while it needs plenty of sunlight to thrive.

Its flowers vary in color and so, we can find it in red, orange, white and purple with fuchsia shades. Its flowers appear in a round inflorescence. Thus, small small flowers round and make a single flower, reminiscent of a tall Chinese carnation. Its leaves are many and dense. They are located at the bottom of the stalk and look like a narrow hill, from where the various flowers emerge. The foliage of Armeria has a green color with a distinctive silver line in the center. The shape of the leaf is lanceolate.

It blooms from April until the end of June, however we can find it earlier in updated natural and electronic nurseries. Due to the fact that it does not have special soil requirements and is easily propagated, Armeria is an excellent choice for soil cover, as its colors and relative height adorn beautiful flower beds and large planters.

If you live in coastal areas, it is important to know that Armeria is hardy to grow as it tolerates salinity. You choose for rock gardens.

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Armenia is impressive through its austerity, so it could easily steal the eye if we were creating a natural corridor from Armeria right and left or even around a flower bed. The choices are many and everyone’s creativity lies in the means and imagination they possess.

Below, we present you photographic material from Armeria flowers.















Images via: Pinterest


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