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36 Great DIY Ideas for Original Garden Pots

by Eva

36 Great DIY Ideas for Original Garden Pots

If you are looking for an easy, simple and inexpensive way to give a fresh touch, a strange and original style to your garden, try these ideas with original garden pots.

Look around your home for old and unused items that can make great additions to your garden.

DIY garden decoration with wooden crates

Some of these ideas are classic wooden crates, and others are innovative, such as rubber boots for the rain.

A trend of these ideas that are reused for gardening pots is to mix different kinds of flowers and greens, such as herbs and succulents.

Succulents are another modern trend in the world of gardening, and they are represented here with many different ideas to showcase these unique plants.

You can try planting in a large bathtub.

For small details, try using small metal containers. These can give a touch of color to an angle or table.

Make some of these fun ideas for recycling, all you need is creativity, some plants and perhaps some color containers.

Your garden will reflect your personal style and your family and you will be surprised by the comments of your friends.

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