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Cyclamen care information and tips for your pot and garden

by Eva

Cyclamen care information and tips for your pot and garden

Perennial low-growing bulbous and in addition to flowers of special ornamental value is the impressive dark green and usually two-tone foliage of Cyclamen in the shape of a heart.
Depending on the variety, the height of the Cyclamen ranges from 10-30cm and is equally beautiful planted in flower beds, to create a low border, etc. as well as in planting pots alone or in combination with other green or autumn flowering species.
Apart from the cultivable species, the wild wild cyclamen are also very impressive, which from the end of September add their color to the countryside and forests.

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Soil: Use for Cyclamen an enriched topsoil for outdoor with good drainage. For growing in a pot, place a layer of gravel in front of the soil for proper absorption and drainage of irrigation water.

Location: It belongs to the plants that love moisture and thrives in shady or semi-shady places, while one of the most ideal places to plant cyclamen are the spots – flower beds under trees. The intense and especially the midday sun results in the gradual withering of Cyclamen which is particularly resistant to low temperatures but not to heat.
For a short time it can be kept inside the house but in a cool environment, away from windows with bright sun and radiators.

Watering: It needs enough moisture but not with large amounts of water, while between waterings the soil should be almost completely dry so that the roots do not rot.
During the autumn, water 2-3 times a week, depending of course on the prevailing climatic conditions, whether the plants are exposed to rainwater, etc.
During watering, avoid wetting the leaves so that moisture does not cause diseases.

Fertilization: A common fertilizer in grains every 15-20 days for plants in garden-flower beds or in liquid form for potted plants, throughout the autumn, significantly increases the flowering of Cyclamen.

Pruning: Cyclamen does not need special pruning, except for the removal of yellow leaves and dried flowers.
After the end of flowering, remove all the flowers and place the plant in a shady and cool place, without watering it, until it “comes alive” again the following autumn.
If you prefer, after the end of flowering, you can prune the whole plant and remove the bulbs from the soil. Keep them in a shady place and replant in the spring in the garden or in pots.

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Kylamino blooms from late September to mid-January. It is propagated by seeds in mid-spring or by dividing the bulbs.
You will find both bulbs and ready-made Cyclamen plants in nurseries from the end of summer in a wide variety of shades.





















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