Home Decoration ideas Hygge decoration: 6 tricks and 28 images for a truly cozy and relaxing home

Hygge decoration: 6 tricks and 28 images for a truly cozy and relaxing home

by Eva

Hygge decoration: 6 tricks and 28 images for a truly cozy and relaxing home

Hygge decoration can transform your home and your mood. Discover these 6 important tricks that transform your home from an indifferent space, into a truly comfortable and relaxing shelter.

The less, the better

Do not try to fill the room with too many ornaments and decorations. The simpler, the better. This is a trick to remember when decorating your room in Hygge style.

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Create a comfortable atmosphere

Comfort is the key when it comes to hygge decoration. One way to do this is to decorate with fluffy pillows and soft duvets. Hug the sofa with warm throws, blankets and pillows to relax in a warm place. You can also do this by creating comfortable corners such as a window bench.

Choose what represents you

Choose to embrace the Hygge style. Choose the decoration that represents you, the most suitable ornaments for your home. This way, you can choose candles, soft and warm beds or a space dedicated to making coffee or tea for example.

Rediscover the bathroom

When it comes to bathroom decor, choose to rediscover it. It is important to choose ornaments that will make you feel in your own bathroom like in a spa.

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Maintain a neutral range of colors

Choose neutral colors, choose light pink to give color to the room, but also subtle shades of blue and green. However, you can also choose darker shades that are combined with the neutral color range.

Focus on lighting

Lighting the room so you can focus is important. However, when it comes to hygge decoration, warm light is what makes you feel relaxed. Whether you are adding scented candles, electric candles or beautiful lighting items, choose to make a warm improvement. Lighting in any room is important. Therefore, install here both lights, warm to help you focus, and ambient lights for naturalness in your space.

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