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Calluna, an impressive autumn plant for your garden

by Eva

Calluna, an impressive autumn plant for your garden

Calluna is a very impressive shrub with colorful combinations. It belongs to the category Ericaceae. Although it is a perennial plant, many use it as an annual.

It is claimed that the Calluna got its name from the ancient Greek word “kallyno” meaning beautify / spruce.

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As a shrub it reaches a height of 20 to 50 cm. It loves the sun and can live in semi-shady places. It is important to mention that it can withstand the cold up to -20 degrees Celsius. It is a plant that needs acidic soils, so when we plant it in a pot or flower bed, we must have acidic peat, like the one we use for gardenia and hydrangea.

We must be careful with watering We do not overdo it, we water when the soil seems to be drying. In summer the watering is more intensive, almost every second to third day.

The tufted face of the Calluna in combination with its wonderful colors, make it stand out on a balcony or in a composition. In the market you will find it in purple, red, white, green and in double color combinations.

The ornamental value of Calluna is important, and it should be mentioned that it can be used both outdoors and indoors.

It should be pruned low enough after the end of its flowering to give us new flowering in the new year.

A special proposal for composition in a garden, flower bed or in a large pot, is the planting of a tall and tufted green and purple Calluna, a blue and yellow pansy and an ornamental cabbage. This will give another breath to our autumn garden and so, we will be ready to welcome the new gardening season.











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