Home Garden Phytonia: decorate your home and yard with the beauty of a mosaic plant

Phytonia: decorate your home and yard with the beauty of a mosaic plant

by Eva

Phytonia: decorate your home and yard with the beauty of a mosaic plant

Phytonia is a plant that grows well in many parts of the world, as it likes hot and humid environments. Part of the Acanthaceae family and also known as a mosaic plant, it can have beautiful colors on its leaves – even pink. Learn how to care for and use it in your home decor.

How to grow and care for a phytonia

Caprice in watering and taking care of the sun: these are two basic cares that you must have with your phytonia. In the selection of videos below you can find more information.
Two measures of earthworm humus, two measures of soil, two measures of sand: this is a great substrate for phytonias.

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Your phytonia is dying and you don’t know what happened? It may be that she has been in direct sunlight, which is not recommended.

With its cute, dainty leaves, the phytonia has two species distributed in the tropical wet woodlands of the Andes.

Phytonia, which has a powerless stem that extends to the ground, is an evergreen perennial plant with an egg-shaped leaf length of 5 to 8 centimeters.

Some of the phytonias have dark-red nets with a tender vein of foliage.

There are also some species that have a silver-white foliage, and others that are much smaller than the average leaf size.

Plantation : Old plants should be renewed by cutting.

Phytonia, which likes hot and humid weather, is very weak at over-stimulation. Even if it feels a little dry in the winter, it should be kept above 10 degrees for winter.

When the leaves and stems grow to a certain extent, they are strong in direct sunlight throughout the year.

But if they’re still growing, it’s good to do about 30 percent of the light.

If it’s over 15 degrees, you can multiply it by cutting. Older plants slow down the root activity, and the roots easily decay and prevent sprouts from coming out.

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Therefore, it is very important to renew old plants through cuttings.

In addition to the hanging pot, it is also a mini-tube plant that is suitable for planting and terrariums, and has little or no fear of catching the insect.

If your house is well lit, but without necessarily getting direct sunlight, smile: it is a great place to have phytonias. The time has come to be enchanted by these foliage full of life.













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