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Autumn Garden: Plant Combinations for Autumn Pots and Flowerbeds

by Eva

Autumn Garden: Plant Combinations for Autumn Pots and Flowerbeds

The periods when the seasonal flowering ornamental items are few, such as Autumn, their combination and their placement in pots – planters together or in combination with perennial items is an easy way to maintain the … color in the garden or on the balcony creating impressively mixed planting containers.

Although many consider the autumn months a “hazy” season for the garden, in fact all the pre-eminent seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemums, cyclamen, pansies but also species such as ornamental cabbages, colorful peppers, conifers, succulents, etc. are enough if use them properly to create a really beautiful image on your balcony or garden, often more “alive” than the one they present at the end of summer when most of our seasonal plants are now severely exhausted by the heat and wither.

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As early as the end of August in all nurseries you will find already blooming autumn species, most of which belong to the most economical plants, to combine them in pots – planters.

Chrysanthemums are the pre-eminent flower that dominates gardens and balconies throughout autumn, until the first intense winter cold. The variety of species and colors makes them ideal for combinations with other seasonal or permanent green plants by placing them in the same pot in height, with the tallest ones at the back of the planting pot you will use.

With very common and durable climbers that in pots can be used as plants of vertical growth such as the small decorative Ivy you can give a great look to tall pots by placing it in front of taller species such as chrysanthemums or cyclamen.

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The Ornamental Cabbages with the very impressive appearance, size and shades can offer in large pots – planters a truly unique and absolutely autumnal look. They can be placed in the center of both low and high planting containers in combination with chrysanthemums, cyclamen, pansies, small colored peppers, ivy, fine leaf, etc. 

Cyclamen in white, pink – purple or red are generally among the most beautiful autumn flowers and a simple way to create a striking corner in your garden or balcony is simply to gather in one place cyclamen of different shades in different sized pots.

The same goes for the autumn Panses. You will find them in nurseries in a wide variety of shades and they can be used in combination in the same pot and offer a very special color effect.

All-weather and seasonal succulents can also be used in the fall, placing different species in the same pot or adding small seasonal intense shades such as pansies or small cyclamen.

Calluna, an impressive autumn plant for your garden

Of course, corresponding combinations, except in pots – planters, you can also create in flower beds to maintain the … vibrancy and color in your garden throughout the autumn, which, very often, the weather is still very good and allows us to enjoy them. outdoor areas in the house.


















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