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Gardening: Great garden DIY ideas with ornamental cabbages

by Eva

Gardening: Great garden DIY ideas with ornamental cabbages

If you are looking for a separate plant with minimal requirements for striking color and a view of your garden or balcony all winter long, Ornamental Cabbage is one of the best.
From the beginning of October, you will find it not in the grocery stores but in all garden shops in shades of white-yellow-green and pink-purple.
It belongs to the easiest winter ornaments, it is suitable for planting both in pots and flower beds and not only is not tired of low temperatures but the cold favors the growth of natural pigments on the leaves and thus the colder the weather the more its bright colors.

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Its biological cycle ends in the spring when the temperature begins to rise, and its leaves completely relax, yellow, and eventually fall and bloom with tiny yellow flowers that contain seeds that can be harvested and planted at the end of the season. summer.

In normal autumn and winter climates with plenty of rainfall and if you have planted it in an unprotected area from the rain it is very likely that you will not need to water it at all.
Its water needs are greatly reduced and both the soil in the flower beds and the pots that you will plant ornamental cabbage should have very good drainage, otherwise, the permanent moisture in the roots will cause them to rot.

It will also grow in semi-humid areas but the ideal is to have plenty of sun, especially in the mornings – at the place where you plant it.

It is particularly striking as a low edging in flowerbeds with other autumn-winter ornaments such as chrysanthemums, primroses, cyclamen, calendula, calendula, heather, lavender.
The distance between the ornamental cabbage plants, if planted in a row, should be about 50cm.

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