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Amazing ideas with colorful living rooms in boho style

by Eva

Amazing ideas with colorful living rooms in boho style

Particularly intense colors, universal dominance of textiles over any other type of material and in print, geometric and ethnic patterns, macrame wall decorations, bamboo-carpet items and furniture, poufs and floor cushions and many small and larger plants spaces.

Bohemian style in the bathroom

These are the essentials of the Bohemian – Boho style and the more you include in the living room – the more intimate your living room is and the atmosphere … the care you will create and which is ultimately the most characteristic of the particular decorative style.

Wicker baskets and colorful pillows with ethnic motifs are ideal for decorations in this style.

The colorful rugs, as well as the floor cushions, are among the most prominent features of the Bohemian style, which … allows even color combinations that would look different in other style decorations.

Retro style in furniture, as well as objects, is very much in line with Boho if you want the space not to have exclusively ethnic elements.

Fresh boho balcony ideas: Transform Your Environment Simple and Economical

If you prefer a more ‘soft’ color version of the Boho style, use monochrome fabrics for the large surfaces of basic furniture and colorful patterns only on the carpet and on smaller textile elements.

Pillows – floor and couch pillows in an authentic Bohemian style can even completely replace conventional seat types.

If there are no indoor plants there is no … Boho 
Cacti and succulents are some of the most representative types of decorations of this style.



























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