Home Bedroom Boho Bedroom: How to Decorate It and 55 boho-chic style inspiration ideas

Boho Bedroom: How to Decorate It and 55 boho-chic style inspiration ideas

by Eva

Boho Bedroom: How to Decorate It and 55 boho-chic style inspiration ideas

Simple and economical, boho bedroom décor is known for its’ 70s-inspired elements with ethnic prints, warm colors, and flowers. The boho style is known for its combination of influences and styles. Freedom is the word that defines most boho-chic environments. Because of this, you are free to choose the decorations and details that most attract your attention. You do not have to follow the rules.

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However, if you want to learn how to decorate an elegant boho room and know the best colors and decorations to use in your environment, keep reading our tips and get inspired by 55 great ideas in the images below.

How to decorate an elegant boho room

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when decorating your room with an elegant boho style. See and select your favorites to use:

Natural color palette

When you think of “freedom”, what colors do you use to describe it? These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

Also, consider investing in natural landscape-inspired pallets, such as fields, forests, and beaches.

The most beautiful colors you can invest in your elegant bedroom are Earth tones… Orange, Yellow, Beige? Green; White (you can choose for furniture and decorations in white and off-white).

Let cool colors, such as blue and purple, be used in the elegant details of your bedroom. Carpet, armchairs, and pillows are beautiful elements to invest in these colors.

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Priority in comfort

The simple boho-chic room should be comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, choose furniture that highlights these features in your environment, such as wooden furniture and soft wallpaper.

Make sure you have a fluffy puff, armchairs, and lots of pillows dotted around the simple boho room. This ensures comfort in every corner of the room.

Furniture made from natural raw materials is also beautiful to highlight the boho style, such as wood, mats, and natural fibers.

Also, vintage and retro furniture such as dressers, bedside tables, and wardrobes are also welcome in the elegant boho room.


Prints enhance boho bedroom décor. Do not be afraid to use ethnic print rugs, floral bedding, and creative wallpaper. Including, wallpaper is a great choice for decorating the boho bedroom. Choose your favorite color and pattern to decorate the room.

Decorative ornaments

Remember the concept of freedom and the strong connection with nature? Thus, the boho style proves it through the embellishments. Use decorative elements full of history.

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Here are some nice tips for decorating your boho room:

Artificial and natural plants and flowers. Candles, Antique lampshades, Round mirrors. Printed fabrics. Blankets with crochet.
Tip: Use the shelves to your advantage in elegant boho decoration. They are ideal for decoration with indoor plants, frames, and unique ornaments.




















































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