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Dressing rooms: Amazing retro ideas

by Decorator

Dressing room deas8Romantic rooms with retro decor.

For every woman their wardrobe is a special place as it captures their personal style. The lucky ones, who have a little more space than a four leaf wardrobe, can make a fabulous dressing room according to their personal taste and aesthetics. Which of us has not envied the perfectly neat and stylish wardrobes of Carrie Bradshaw;
Let your imagination free and turn your old favorite clothes to decorative ones. A nice bathroom-cabinet, a very nice chair and a rug make a cozy space. Of course, a full-length mirror is necessary!

You can see some inspired dressing rooms and get ideas:


Dressing room deas

Dressing room deas1

Dressing room deas2

Dressing room deas3

Dressing room deas4

Dressing room deas5

Dressing room deas6

Dressing room deas7

Dressing room deas9

Dressing room deas10

Dressing room deas11

Dressing room deas12

Dressing room deas13

Dressing room deas14

Dressing room deas15

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