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Boho chic style: When bohemian is the total trend

by Eva

Boho chic style: When bohemian is the total trend

If you are a fan of the bohemian style, but its decorative exuberance stops you from adopting it at home, go for boho-chic! Find out what it has in common with the bohemian and why the adjective chic

Carpets, yes or not

And the plural is not accidental, because the most common is to dress the floors of the house with various designs, which often even overlap. Not only will they add color and warmth, but they will also make the barefoot walk more pleasant.

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Neutral base

It is very important because this decorative style is nourished by vibrant and very intense colors, patterned textiles, and combining different types of furniture. So that the result of all this mix is not too strident or chaotic, it is essential to bet on a neutral base on the walls. And let the rest of the decoration take care of giving color and life to the room.

Full color

Or rather, colors. Because colors are precisely the axis on which everything related to this style revolves. Intense, happy, vibrant … They all coexist naturally in bohemian-style decorations to create atmospheres with a unique energy.


Many always seem to be few. On the sofa, in bed, or on the floor to lie down or sit in an informal and relaxed way. Combine them with designs of different shapes, sizes and with soft puffs, which are another must in this decorative style. What if they are colorists? Better!


They are a must of the boho-chic style. And the more worn and aged, the better. The vintage pieces, those brought from exotic trips, those recovered or bought in rakes are the great protagonists of this decorative style.

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Ethnic motives

And galore! Do not be afraid to mix them up, because precisely from their somewhat arbitrary combination the essence of decorative style is nourished, in which the rules do not exist.

Very natural

Wood, leather, vegetable fibers, cotton textiles, plants, crystal details, ceramics … The natural cannot be lacking in a boho-chic decoration. A leather pouf, a wooden armchair, a fiber rug, a DIY macrame lamp … Sprinkle the decoration with elements of nature and DIY proposals, as has been done here, and create a slow atmosphere.

Break the rules

One of the keys to the boho-chic style is that there are no rules. Ok (almost) everything as long as you like it and feel comfortable. So why not install a hammock or hanging chair in the bedroom? Or in the living room? Free yourself from decorative corsets!

In the following images, we have for you great ideas for unique inspiration










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