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Fresh boho balcony ideas: Transform Your Environment Simple and Economical

by Eva

Fresh boho balcony ideas: Transform Your Environment Simple and Economical

How about investing in a boho porch, balcony, or veranda? If you still do not know exactly what characterizes the boho style, it’s time to better understand this decorative trend that has come to stay. Inspired by fashion, the boho decoration seeks to merge different references, ranging from ethnic, oriental, punk and hippie blends to more popular combinations such as romantic, country and vintage.

Easy ways to make awesome boho chic terraces

The result is a unique style that is gaining more and more space in homes. And, if you were interested in this decorative proposal, how about adopting it on your balcony simply and economically?

What cannot miss on your boho balcony
There are some joking accessories that can make all the difference in the decoration of your boho porch, they are pallets, fabrics and light fixtures well positioned. With this set of items, you can already create a cozy and stylish space, perfect for those who want to enjoy the moments of rest in a pleasant environment.

One of the colors most used by professionals to follow the boho trend in decoration is white, which helps make the environment lighter and brighter. You can choose to insert from white fabrics to furniture or the very painting of the balcony wall in that tone. However, it is important to blend the white with other more cheerful colors so that the boho porch does not end up getting a bit too pale.

Shadow in the right measure
Although sunny days are always special, the shade contributes to creating a certain comfort when it comes to enjoying the boho balcony, especially on the hottest days. It is possible to create a little shade on your balcony with the help of different features such as whether to use furniture, a parasol or the very protection of the plants that you insert around the space.

Variety with carpets
One of the simplest ways to adhere to the boho style on your balcony without spending much is by betting on rugs that can complement the decor of the environment. Some of the recommended materials for porch rugs are natural vinous and natural fibers.

In addition, you can choose to insert a single larger rug or combine several smaller rugs spread across the balcony, according to your preference.

The cushions are so important to the decor of your boho porch that we decided to dedicate a topic just for them. So do not be afraid to abuse your cushions in different sizes and patterns, following ethnic, hippie and oriental trends.

The result will be more comfort and style for your balcony, and the best: without spending too much.

Who resists the flip-flops of a swing or a hammock to take that sexy nap on a lazy afternoon? If this is your desire, be sure to insert a swing or a matching net into your balcony boho.

Just make sure that the place where the structure will be attached is strong enough to support the weight of an adult without risking an accident.

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Privacy and intimacy for your boho balcony
If you wish to have more privacy on your boho porch to enjoy the moments of rest, read a book or maybe take a nap, it may be interesting to create a more intimate environment, seeking, for example, the installation of a cover or a cover around the boho porch.

That way, you prevent curious neighbors from snooping around while you enjoy all the good that your boho porch has to offer.
















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