Home Decoration ideas 35 Amazing Boho Chic designs – tips and ideas to get inspired

35 Amazing Boho Chic designs – tips and ideas to get inspired

by Eva

35 Amazing Boho Chic designs – tips and ideas to get inspired

Do you know what boho chic is? Currently, it is one of the best proposals to decorate your home with a lot of personalities.

A mix of styles, color palettes ranging from neutral tones to super colorful, and handmade decorative ornaments are some of the biggest features of the boho-chic style. However, before starting to venture into this trend, it is important to understand what is boho chic, to know the elements that characterize it, and to be inspired with beautiful compositions. So check out our tips and choose your favorite boho chic decor.

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The word boho derives from the term “bohemian”, a lifestyle characterized by freedom, nonchalance, and a strong connection with art. Gypsies, hippies, or any artist who lives far from traditional standards are the greatest examples of the term.

That is why, as the bohemian lifestyle, freedom is the keyword for decorating environments in the contemporary bohemian style. As proof, we have the = biggest characteristic boho chic decor: the mix of styles, such as rustic, vintage, and folk with romantic furniture, ethnic prints, and handmade ornaments (mostly DIY).

However, don’t forget that, although boho chic is a stripped-down style, it is important to choose elegant furniture to create a harmonious composition.

Tips for betting on boho chic decor at home

Put your creativity to work and show your personality through the colors, furniture, and decorative elements in each room that you bet on boho chic decor.

Start by choosing the room’s color palette. There are no rules to follow the boho-chic decoration style, you can bet on environments with a neutral color palette as well as the most colorful and cheerful ones. The important thing is that the environment is harmonious and has pieces of oozing style.

The wooden furniture also helps to highlight the style, especially when combined with macrame pieces and potted plants – believe me, even the kitchen looks beautiful decorated with little plants!

To help you, see how to decorate each room in boho chic decor style and get inspired!

Boho chic room

The room blends perfectly with the boho-chic style. That’s because the environment gains much more personality and transmits tranquility. The boho-chic room is great for relaxing!

The neutral tones are perfect for decorating the boho-chic room, however, if you want to add a touch of color, you can put colorful pillows or even a knitting or crochet blanket in shades like mustard, blue or pink – your favorite color.

The rug is also a good alternative to decorate your boho chic room. Bet on printed models to give “life” to the environment. Oh, and if you need a wardrobe in the boho-chic style room, bet on racks, hangers, and niches to store your clothes. Everything that is non-standard is free to use in the boho style room.

Vintage style sofas are great to use in the boho decor style, especially with a handmade blanket to match it. But, if you already have a classic sofa, just add the ornaments that we indicated above to have a boho-chic room.

In the following images, you can get great inspiration for boho-chic decoration

































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